Life is too short for boring stories

„Du musst Dich rüsten“, höre ich mich sagen. Eine letzte Umarmung noch, bevor wir uns verabschieden müssen. Ein letztes Mal noch ineinander verwoben und zurückfallen lassen in die Unbeschwertheit und Sorglosigkeit. Ich will es nicht denken, dass es einen Abschied geben kann. Ich konnte es nicht denken, dass es ein Ankommen geben konnte.

You get used to it. Onto had become part of our little family because we had become familiar, met and accepted each other in our respective so-being. „Just as you are,“ I said to myself,“ to supplement immediately, „and will become. In the one in which you are constant and in the one in which …


You remember, back then, when we first met, when we fell in love with each other, when we were at this stage when we were ready to turn the world for each other, we talked about forever, because we believed in it deeply, because it could never change again. Nothing but illusion!

An open letter from a self-confessed carnivore to the hypocritical vegans Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from Vegania! Again and again you try to make me feel guilty because I eat meat. I eat only very little, at most once a day. And then only the neighbor farmer, who caresses it lovingly to death. I know …