Life is too short for boring stories

Inspired by Kieran Halpin „Fragile Heart“ from the CD „Doll“ it was because I wanted you to stay with you. „Can I paint you a picture of what is happiness?“ I asked you, and you wanted to hear it, because it would not matter whether you were going now or later. It would no longer …



Sequel to „Farewell to civilization“

I am standing in the valley, on the little hill where our campsite is. A small piece of security, amidst the size of the mountains and the unpredictability. A little home that we had created for a few days with the simplest means. The campsite, the spot where we cooked, the camp fire, to tell stories, from a world that seems to be as far away as if it were on the moon. Or even those from this world. A piece of home but also surrounded by high mountains, forest and expanse. With a few hands it has disappeared. Nothing will remember us. Perhaps the place where the grass is a little burnt down in the heat of the fire. Perhaps the pieces of wood which we provisionally once used for seating and another as support. Using simplest means, challenging creativity so that the indeterminacy of the surrounding things becomes a determinateness. Familiarity. A little bit, which stopped during the last days.


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