They are beautiful, but that is not their fault, which, however, only disturbs a few.

Life is too short for boring stories

“History up close” is the name of the series of lectures that a small group of committed women in the community had brought to life. One must add, against massive resistance. “Why do we need this?” was one of the nicest comments that one of the municipal councilors made when presenting the concept. “And how do we explain to our fellow citizens that we are financing such nonsense?” Another dissenting voice found. “The only thing that needs to be financed is the hall,” said Lisa, one of the four initiators, “and we arranged it so that it’s a day when it’s empty anyway. After all, the community hall was built for exactly such purposes and the citizens also financed this construction. How do you want to explain to them that it is now empty and nothing is happening to it?” “Well, that’s not quite the case, my dear lady,” the mayor finally intervened in the conversation, “We have many events planned.” “First I’m not a lady, as you put it so disrespectfully, and certainly not yours,” Lisa replied promptly, “But what is important is thought. There hasn’t been a single event in it since the opening ceremony two months ago, so it’s useless, but it still eats up fixed costs.” In the end, a majority was found that supported the project, but on the condition that it paid off for them, whatever that might mean.

The very next day posters were eagerly put up and invited to the first meeting. Enlightenment was chosen as the topic. In doing so, Lisa prevailed over her friends because she could assure them that this historical period marked a decisive turning point in European history. She was able to win over two young history students as speakers. Both were tall, fit, and handsome, with Tim, one, having dark hair and matching dark eyes, while Tom, the other, had light hair and blue eyes. As well as this event was planned, it turned out to be embarrassing, because apart from the four founders of the lecture and discussion series, only two other women were present. “You see, that won’t work!” the mayor announced the next day. “But he’ll give up so quickly,” Lisa said mockingly, “After all, it took you ten years before you were finally able to climb onto the mayor’s throne. So you can’t infer everything all at once.” Offended, he swept away. That was to be expected. What worried Lisa more than the mayor’s mindset, however, was that of the audience. She herself had read up on the subject of the Enlightenment. That’s why Tim and Tom’s lecture seemed very superficial to her. However, only she had had something to complain about. The rest of the ladies hung on each other’s every word as if preaching the gospel. In addition, the lecture had been monotonous and soporific. When Lisa asked her friends about it, she had to accept that she probably had no idea and they themselves would have been thrilled, both in terms of content and form. Therefore, the two absolutely had to keep going. Lisa let it go, but that didn’t stop her from observing the two students very closely. At the second lecture, which dealt with the First World War, the hall, which could hold at least 50 people, was full to bursting. Lisa was initially very happy with the development. But why were there only women in the audience? In her eyes, the lecture was just as boring and meaningless as the first. Nonetheless, most were enthusiastic. The ensuing discussion exhausted itself in praise for Tim and Tom. “I think most of them just come to adore Tim and Tom,” said Lisa in the subsequent reflection. “Oh, what nonsense,” explained Marin, one of her friends, “the lecture was great.” “Oh yes, really? Then tell me what triggered the First World War,” Lisa asked. “Really, you can’t expect me to remember every little detail,” Marin replied sniffily. “No, not that, but I don’t think that’s a small detail, but if you were just concentrating on Tim’s eyes…” Lisa interjected. “That’s the height,” Marin exclaimed. “It’s okay, I’ll think of something,” Lisa explained. “And what is that supposed to be?” Marin asked. “You’ll see,” Lisa explained and smiled mysteriously.

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