Life is too short for boring stories

A very normal children’s room in our world today. It is stuffed with things, things the child does not need, because they cannot familiarize themselves. I remember, not without emotion at my teddy bear. This happens, at such moments, just so without my intervention. It was a normal, almost ordinary teddy bear in its average.

About 24 inches tall, held in a medium brown, cuddly and with small dark button eyes. “Teddy-Pezzi,” he was named, I remember, but most of all he was my constant companion, day and night, especially at night, as long as it was opportune. As soon as the other children thought they were too big for them to play with such childish play, he was only allowed to appear at night, even if nobody saw him, but as long as he was always with me. He was my protector and adviser, but above all my comforter. He kept the demons and monsters away, and as long as he was with me, I was never alone. During these years he was patched countless times. It was the scars of the intense co-operation he wore on his body. Again and again he went missing, and my parents probably already had a supply so that they could swap him quickly. In the meantime, I wanted to buy a simple teddy bear for my godchild, probably with the hope that she would choose him as her companion, but it was not possible to buy a simple teddy bear.

Whales, rhinoceroses, monkeys and many more, but not a teddy bear, and if so, as a Steiff collector’s item, which is not really suitable for playing. But I saw the nursery, and the plush toys piled up. When they were there, it was not disturbing, but not a single one would go, because we have no time to familiarize ourselves.

Many years later, my first car. It was a transferred, a ten-year-old VW Passat. Far from all the snickering, which nowadays makes driving more comfortable, I drove this car with pride. In the course of time, I knew all his quirks and peculiarities, and most likely nobody would not have been able to drive him after a while, except for myself. It was familiar to me, and I would probably drive it today if the mechanic had not said , there really is nothing more to do. Of course economic considerations also played a role, and so it landed at the junkyard. And with it many beautiful memories. I know people who, as far as they can afford to buy a new car, already after three years. You just need something new. They just got to know their car, and they have to be replaced. But if it does not comply with the latest standards, then he is not good either. They do not take the time to familiarize themselves with it.

Always new friends. After a very short time the euphoria is great, especially when you know about the social media. In zero comma nothing we mean to know the people, mean a new friend. We proudly present our sprawling friend lists, but if you ask how many of you really know, it will be calmer. But it becomes still quieter, if one asks, how many would be for one, if one needs a friend.

I remember the times, my best friend. We talked for hours, knew each other in and out, and when we parted we were telephoned for hours, as if we had not seen each other for weeks. If I am asked today about what we were talking about so intensely, I have no idea, but it was not the content, but the deepening of our coexistence. We would have been there for each other, no matter what time of the day, but who takes the time to familiarize themselves?


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