Life is too short for boring stories

“Let yourself go,” I urge you.
“Where?” You answer posting, “I’ve just come. Now you send me away? “
“Let yourself go …” I think, “Three little words, just said so in the firm conviction that the meaning is clear, and yet it is not.
Let yourself go – whether here or there? Hither or thither? Away or back? Is this necessarily a spatial movement? Of course, it is possible to bring the inner movement paired with an outer one.

Let – let go free, let go, go over the barricades in your own head, this little man who constantly whispers to what you can do and what is legitimate and what is not, what belongs and what not, this little male, which had been planted in any one day, day after day with vehement emphasis, to silence this man, and, drastically enough, to kill him, that there is at last rest, if it is not enough to bind and gag that let it finally come to the train that I can really leave, let go free, let go, let do and let live, as it should be, as it could be. How many ideas, how many plans, how many possibilities were made to niece by a little hint of this male, just a little hint.

Myself – To be myself. Finally, not asking what the others want from me, what they ask for and demands on me, but to listen to what I want for myself. To penetrate myself, undefined and unmasked, to my own will and desire, to myself. How far are we alienated ourselves? How far have we been alienated? We look at ourselves, in short, always only quite, very briefly, but when we are ready to look a little more closely, we notice quite quickly, how much of what is not we ourselves are. Like on a garbage dump where everyone we allow it to unload its garbage and tell us that it is ours that we are ourselves, until we believe it, until we adjust our self-image, what others put on us. Radical, and to leave only that, to acknowledge what is really coherent in this picture, finally to find again what makes this self.

Go – to move, to the place where you want to be, to the place where you feel comfortable, and not to the one to which we are placed. And to be left behind when you get too tight, when you feel no longer comfortable when you are seized and excepted. But also let your thoughts go. Taking the risk of taking you uncensored to the end. No one can say where the thoughts end where they lead you. Maybe you do not like where they lead you. Maybe you’ll find pages in you that do not suit you, but how can you know how to change it if you do not allow it to arrive? Let go, without restriction and without consideration, not even to yourself.

Let yourself go – that is the way to the authenticity of the self and to the authenticity, then it is the life itself, which suddenly tells us again.

And only then, at this point, do you know whether it is good for you to stay with me or with anyone else.

And only then, at this point, do I know whether I will do well to stay with you or anyone else.”

“Let me go-can be, in staying or walking,” you complete the thought.


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