Life is too short for boring stories

In the flow of chaos, in the center of the unformed, we want to set a new beginning as ours. But where do you start? Where do we want to set our first fixed point?

Pack the suitcasesmooths the ceilings,dust the chest of drawers,cut the last ribbon,puts his hat on his head,holds the suitcase on the right,left the doorknob,force to look to close,one more lookstanding in the open door,Light floods the room,Silence in the rough version,unplugged, uncensored,ready to go,Dust swirlsin the last rayof the sinking,the curtain pushed aside,let it stayWalls …


It was in the beginning of time, even before time, when time did not yet imprison the senses and linearize the thoughts, when the development was still based on the inner rhythm and the transformation was inseparably attached to being, when Gaja’s womb was still fertile and When the room was not rigid and orderly, …


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