Life is too short for boring stories

it was no longer possible to negate it. I cannot go back, past a once-done experience. I can no longer ignore it and no longer pretend that nothing is. The beautifully packaged pork chop, clean and pretentious is the part of a cadaver, who belonged to a pig, who lived from the beginning to the …


Inspired by Kieran Halpin „Where were you?“   Where are you?   If they stole her the baby right after birth From the chest, So that you can drink her milk And she shouts out the pain of a mother, Hour, daytime.   Are you so blind with greed, So numb to self-interest.

Whoever says that he has nothing to do with animal rights, because there is so much suffering in the world that affects people and one must first strive for human rights and their enforcement, commits a straightforward misunderstanding. Because human rights and animal rights and their implementation require that one has respect and veneration for …


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