Life is too short for boring stories

What is it about, with this unrestrained and unrestrainable longing that is spreading in me, raging in me, like a rapidly growing ulcer that remains without healing and relief because there is no remedy for it? What is it, with this eternally driving restlessness that dwells in me, that takes me more and more into …


It is always up to me whether I choose fulfillment and thus the dying of longing, or whether I leave longing unredeemed and escape fulfillment. I follow the glitter of the blue flower and meet you on the next bench. You hold out your hand to me. Mine approaches yours and your offer spontaneously. But …


Maria of Martialis, a tall, blond woman, who, in her attitude, her manner, and every movement, conveyed the flair of her past noble lineage, which could not be shaken off, and so insane and insignificant as her family might be.

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