Life is too short for boring stories

It was a revival experience, at least it seemed to me that night from the 13th to the 14th of January. „Luther must have felt that way, in his tower,“ I thought after the ideas had been completed. The starting point was the elaboration of some interpersonal calamities that have taken place in recent months. All of the emotional nonsense, as I abdicate to express myself, in order to assign the whole place to the appropriate place. I repeated the question of what had gone wrong, what the others thought so, and why they had done this or that thing until I came to the decisive point, to a relationship which I really should care about, like others. For decades, it has accompanied me now and will accompany me forever. I will not get rid of it. So I can also deal with it, the relationship with myself.


Like any other relationship, it is anything but smooth. Sometimes better, sometimes worse. Just as it is. And then there are times when I turn myself completely into the corner and forget about me. Mostly when the requirements are great from the outside. Then I sat up later. But when is later? It would be important not to neglect me, especially because I can deal with the requirements of life and my dear fellow-creatures differently. Actually, it is the pivot of any successful external relationship, because if I know about my own needs, then I can also deal with those of the other differently. It is about taking myself seriously. To be. As I myself. But what makes this self-being? What do I see amidst all the offers I have? My answer was, in that particular night:


Be W.I.L.D. – Wonderful, Independent, Lively and Disobedient




To describe yourself as „wonder“ sounds a little measured at first, but it means nothing but that I am – like every human being – unique and incomparable. Just like I is no one else in the world. So a wonder, something that is like nothing else. I am immediately ready to acknowledge this with others. When a baby is born, we speak of a wonder. Now we were all born and were accepted as this wonder of life. At some point, we are lost. Probably at the moment when we stumble with our foot for the first time and demand our will. So at the moment when we learn that we have to curb our needs and make them stand out. Which is basically good, but not always, because one slides very quickly in the fairway of disregard myself always and everywhere. And to be the wonder is the inexhaustible power of its originality to be aware of and to bring precisely this into the encounters with others. Others and myself to be a surprise.




Independence is not supposed to speak of the dissolution of all bonds, but to give an impulse to question the dependencies that have grown over time and how naturally our thinking and actions guide us. In most cases it is those who bind us to having. Ultimately, it is about the question of what my happiness, the fulfillment of my life depends on and what stands in its way. Shackles, which I have applied to myself, which hinder me from acting and from the affection to others. Regardless of what you do or what you have to have. Why do I have to go somewhere on vacation when I like it at home? Why cannot I just walk an hour if it fits, even if the laundry is washed later? Why is it so hard to listen to the inner voice in all freedom and not to be guided by the outside? Independence, therefore, in the sense of a trust in the reliability of the one closest to me, myself.




To be lively is to enjoy life with all your senses, to let yourself be involved in the moment of being together, like the being-in-oneself, in all the little miracles that surround us. To see the birds at the feed house. The sunrise. To sit down in the morning, consciously, with the coffee or teacup and just drink. Sure, we’ve all heard hundreds of times that you should stay at the moment, that you should stay with what you are doing. But why do not we still do it? Listening is not enough if we do not.




Again and again the word comes up, especially in the context of the possibility to listen to his personal sense of right. It is commonly called „civil disobedience“. Disobedience is, of course, a certain degree of wandering, and is not intended to speak arbitrarily of the word, nor can it give an exhaustive account of the obedience necessary and when disobedience is not only appropriate, but a commandment of the hour. Obedience was the foundation that supported the rule of the National Socialists. One could rely on the fact that most people were practiced in it. Civil disobedience was a death sentence. Today we know that he was right, but at that time it was also the social repression that had to be endured from his immediate surroundings. For me, the point is reached disobedient, in which a law, a rule, an action contradicts the basic right to life.


If I take this care and live, I give myself the value that I should have in my life and re-establish my relationship with myself. Do not make me small any more, but be there, with all that I am, bring me in and stand by me. Then we will face problems of relationships, but they will find other solutions.


Be W.I.L.D. – Be you


And bless the world and yourself with you.


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