Life is too short for boring stories

And it starts very small, away from big politics, money and lobbies, away from official structures and networks, away from legislation, a seed begins to sprout that has fallen into a small crack in the concrete of the cemented degradation, a seed , who does not let adversity and countermeasures stop him from developing roots and pushing the first tentative sprout out of the earth. He goes unnoticed. Small, private initiatives, mutual help, and support. It’s not taken seriously. “That will soon be lost again,” say those who are actually a thorn in their side. “They will find it too much trouble,” they are convinced, who would never do anything for anyone without being rewarded for it, who have long since erased words like solidarity or respect or mindfulness or altruism from their vocabulary. But there are more who show initiative.

The little plant grows into a plant and even develops a flower. Now people are working against it, because what shouldn’t be can’t be. Bureaucratic obstacles are set up. All for the good of all, it is claimed. They should bite their teeth on that. But they don’t. It takes on a momentum of its own, it can no longer be stopped, at least not with louder means. Then the fight against each other takes place. Can they get through this? Media are controlled, rumors are spread and opinion makers are deployed. Individual cases stand for the whole. Blown up and talked about.

But I still dare to say “It will succeed” Even more, “We are on the way to success” i.e. it is already happening. We are not just at the beginning; we have already made progress. There is still work to be done, but it can be done. People from different countries and cultures, who all bring their own previous experience, their personal socialization, meet, interact with each other and realize that what is deeply human, the pursuit of a peaceful life, in a respectful exchange is what not only one itself is at heart. The secret is knowing, accepting the other as different and in this being different. This is the starting point from which begins the path we are on, the path to one “It has been possible”.

Will it ever be entirely successful? Can we actually say before the end that it’s over or is the way left? Why not say “It’s been successful” so far, so as not to stand still, but to keep going, not to let setbacks and adversities unsettle you, but to strive for the next stage, up to the next milestone, the next point of success.

“It has been possible”, Stop and at the same time starting point to continue. Of a “It succeeded” to the next. Pause and overlook what has been achieved. It’s not like it used to be. Approaching each other without dividing, judging, based on your looks, your pronunciation, your clothes, just approaching you. Maybe we understand each other. Maybe not. Both are possible, but that is independent of the ethnic group or the culture and is determined from person to person. It is possible. And from that “It will succeed” to “It is about to succeed” to “It has succeeded”.

In a district, a district, a village, a community as colorful and diverse as life itself, where no one asks about it, where it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your denomination is, what your sexual orientation is, how much you earn, what kind of schools you have gone through, only that you as yourself enrich the togetherness, where a smile is a matter of course, like a respectful interaction, where you are accepted as yourself, where you can contribute your strengths and talents .

I will not be dissuaded from trusting that there is something else beyond rush and division, the desire to make life peaceful and prosperous for everyone. There would be so much to do if we break down the fences and borders and look at who we are, accept, validate, affirm. Not as a soft-washed fairy tale dream world, but fitted into reality, not denying the pressure of the factual, but also not overlooking the opportunities that arise from it, if we want it and allow it.

I will not be persuaded that painting the dystopian world in the blackest of colors is enough to confirm in my own actions that it is true. Because it’s only true if we allow it, but if we pull ourselves together and stand up for our utopian goals, then the first step has been taken. The further we go, the more even the biggest doubters can be convinced and they follow. Begin with this first step, in defiance of all prophecies of doom, to the displeasure of all would-be know-it-alls who take satisfaction in failure as diversion and alienation. We know them all. We laugh in their faces. We clear away the stones that they put down for us, once, twice, three times, thirty times, a hundred times, as often as it takes, until they get tired of it and they realize we won’t let ourselves get down, not even by what they say reason dictates. What can reason do? Little compared to the dreams and aspired utopias.

And I won’t stop saying, I have faith that it will be, that “It has been possible”.

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