Jonah feels bad. He flees from his task and the possible consequences, but it's not as easy as he thought.

Life is too short for boring stories

And there he was, good Jonah, who didn’t believe in God even now, having apparently made sure to land right in front of the conference hotel. But that wasn’t even his concern, because it was that he would go in there now, if they let him in at all, he would give his presentation, if he was allowed to give it at all, and then he would be laughed at. That could only go wrong. If they listened, which was next to impossible, and thereby stopped climate change, as well as if they didn’t, which was almost certainly the case. If they would listen to him and thus stop climate change, it would mean that what he was talking about was never a danger anyway. If he didn’t succeed, he would look like a failure. There was no third option, and he didn’t like the other two at all. That’s why he fled, crept away, as he thought, secretly, quietly and quietly.

Of course, not on the sea, because he already knew that. There would be a storm that supposedly God had orchestrated. Then he would admit that it was his fault, and they would throw him overboard. Landed in the water, a whale would come and devour him. Then he would sit in his stomach for three days, which is complete nonsense anyway, because the gastric juices would have decomposed him long ago, by that time, but anyway, after he had been sitting there like that, he would promise everything he could think of, just to escape from this situation, e.g., to return to this conference and carry out his task. He would then be spat out by the whale, and he would have to redeem what he had promised. No, he already knew that, and he couldn’t do that. But luckily, he was a resourceful fellow and decided to hide out in Disneyland. Firstly, he always wanted to go there and secondly, he said that nobody would find him there, not even God.

A few hours later, Jonah was already strolling through the promised land of fun and uncultivated entertainment. That is, he tried to convince himself that he was strolling, because in truth he was being pushed and squeezed, because he was far from the only one who had come up with this great idea. And then the rain started. No, not just rain, but masses of water poured from the sky. Just one moment the sun was shining brightly and the next he was afraid of going under in the floods. All the people left the enchanting location in a hurry, so that he could actually have strolled now. But he had lost the desire to do so. Soaked to the skin, he sought shelter in a rather odd room, but the one closest to him. He saw a big tongue when he shook himself like a dog, at least when he got dry. He realized too late that he was in the mouth of a lifelike replica of a whale, which also closed the mouth at the same moment. What an irony. Now he hadn’t gone to sea specifically to escape this very situation and then he found himself in this one. “But what can be closed can also be opened again,” he thought happily, searching for a mechanism that would cause it to open. But he didn’t find any. So, he resorted to shouting for help, but realizing all too quickly that his voice was drowned out by the roar of the unabated rain, he waited for it to end. By then, however, it was too late to expect anyone to be present to hear him. For better or worse, he settled down for the night. No sooner had his head touched his tongue than he fell asleep. “You see, I didn’t end up in the whale’s stomach, and someone will get me out of here by tomorrow at the latest. So, your story doesn’t add up”, was the last clear thought. But God didn’t seem to care about replying, or Jonah just didn’t hear it anymore. The next morning, he awoke to see the sun shining through the cracks that were here and there in the whale figure. It took him a while to remember where he was, but as soon as he did, he began yelling for help.

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