Life is too short for boring stories

Fenella now came every day to take Tinka for a walk. Edgar was very grateful for this, because he noticed that he was getting weaker and weaker physically. But not only that, but Fenella also helped him in the shop, becoming more and more a part of his life, even if it was only for a few days. That morning, Fanella was deep in thought as she entered the store. But when Tinka came to greet her, she couldn’t help but be happy.
“Edgar,” she called the man with whom she was on first name terms when she didn’t spot him right away.
“Good morning, Fenella,” came a weak voice from the tea corner where he was sitting in front of the fireplace, “sit down next to me. Did something happen?”
“Good morning,” the young girl greeted him as she collapsed into the armchair opposite, “I don’t know exactly, but I got a letter today…”
“For the opening of Inge’s will, i.e. Fr. Dr. Guardian”, Edgar completed the sentence, “Yes, I got that too and I wonder why we are being ordered. I just hope they don’t take Tinka away from us.”
“Then we’ll go there together,” said Fenella, relieved.

A few days later, an old man, a young girl and a happy dog entered the office of the notary who was to open the will. They had hardly closed the door when an unpleasant, though familiar, voice echoed through the room.
“What are they doing here?”, she shouted at them.
“We got an invitation,” Edgar explained calmly, who was sure that they were dealing with Inge Wächter’s daughter, even though he only knew the voice from the phone. He added smugly, “And what are you doing here?”
“That’s outrageous,” she spat back, “I have to be here for the reading. After all, it was my mother, but I’m sure you’re just parasites. What you must have wrapped her with, you, you Kramer.” Even with the first words, Tinka hid behind Fenella with her tail between her legs. Tinka knew exactly who meant well by her and who didn’t.
“And then the mutt,” it came promptly, “Mr. Notary, he doesn’t belong here, he belongs outside the door.”
“Who belongs here and who doesn’t is still up to me to decide on my premises,” said the notary, who until now had been sitting quietly behind his desk to turn to the newcomers, “Allow me, Dr. Rolf Riberitsch, notary and friend of Mrs. Dr. Wächter and I assume you are Edgar Barfuß and Fenella Farquhar.”
“Yes, we are,” confirmed Edgar, “And of course Tinka.”
“It’s good that she came with you, because she plays an important role,” explained the notary, “I suggest we go straight to medias res. If you want to take a seat.” When everyone was seated, Tinka still hiding behind Fenella’s legs to be on the safe side, the notary pulled a piece of paper out of an envelope and began to read: ‘Testament. I, Inge Wächter, in full possession of my mental faculties, make the following provisions in the event of my death. Dear Jasmina! Even if you are my daughter, there is not much that connects us. I think there’s even more that separates us that doesn’t matter now. I definitely know that you didn’t like Tinka, so I’m sure you’d have no problem agreeing when I ask you to confirm that you have no problem with Tinka going to Edgar Barfuß and Fenella Farquhar, who are always lovingly cared for.’” At this point the notary stopped and looked at the addressee, “Would you agree with that?”
“But definitely,” the daughter said, “whoever wants to should have this mutt. Disgusting!”
“Okay, then sign here. Only then can I continue,” demanded the notary. Jasmina happily complied with this request.
“It goes on as follows. ‘After this is clarified, I bequeath all my remaining possessions to the people who have proved to be warm and helpful who took in the Tinka. This includes the house and the land on which it stands, including inventory and all monetary resources that are still available after deducting all expenses. Take comfort, Jasmina, you are at least well married. Are you ready to accept the inheritance?” the notary turned to Edgar and Fenella, while ignoring the curses and curses of the daughter.
“What a twist of fate,” said Edgar as they made their way to the odds and ends store. In the end he was just happy that Tinka was allowed to stay with them.



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