Life is too short for boring stories

No matter how many doves of peace we let fly
and thus surrender to death.
No matter how many monuments we erect,
to commemorate.
No matter how many times we repeat
we don’t want any more war.
As long as we close our eyes
before its inevitability.
As long as we fool ourselves
we will be deceived.

Peace can only be
when we tear down the nations
united to a world community,
where there are no territories
no historical inconsistencies
and no reason to dispute anything.

Peace can only be
when we see that ground and soil
is always stolen
stolen from the community of all
because the earth was
before humans were
and will be
if the homo sapiens
removed from the action.

Peace can only be
if we are humble enough
the illusion of one god
to expose as such
conceived just to suppress
and discriminate against others.
Beyond nationalism and monotheism
dwells the peace.
Only there.



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