Life is too short for boring stories

The plaster has long since crumbled off, the shine has disappeared from our eyes, the anticipation that we so fondly remember from distant childhood days. What is left is the scent of cloves and cinnamon, which we still fantasize about. What remains is a celebration without reference, a must without commitment, an occasion without enrichment. An empty shell with no content. But was he ever there?

A rift runs through society. Anyone who says they haven’t always been there is lying. We have always avoided the beggar, including the thought that there are people who are cold and hungry and alone. Loneliness as a widespread disease. Due to the individualization mania. Just me. It’s not enough for a Christmas. It is not enough for life itself. Still, we imagine it’s what makes life. Get out your elbows and step over the stumbled. Regardless of losses, not only those of others, but also your own. Self-fulfillment mania makes us pile up thing after thing, as if it could make more of a neglected life, make more. Leaning casually against the new, big car to impress, while disillusionment about the lack of actual satisfaction grows. It remains outside, nothing that touches, nothing that comes close. Also, may not be. After all, all year round we are above such sentimental drudgery. But what is neglected all year round becomes obvious at Christmas. Also, the rift through society, formerly between those who have nothing and those who have a little more, between the sexes and races and species. Not wanting to know how others are doing, not wanting to know. It’s your own fault that you’re not like us. But the rift continues, no longer just through different social groups, but rather it divides families and friends. Too much obsessed with one’s own opinion, too much forgotten about what was once connecting.

And what’s next? An argument that drives us apart? Does it have to be that way? Wouldn’t it be possible to forget, on this one evening, at least, to see what separates and destroys relationships and instead see what connects and stabilizes relationships. A start would be to just hug you. “It’s good that you exist”, at Christmas, yes, but maybe there is something that will last beyond this one evening. This is what I want you to do.

Ein Gedanke zu “Christmas has lost its Shine

  1. DutchIl sagt:

    Thank you for sharing!!.. have a wonderful holiday and Christmas filled with happiness and love and until we meet again…
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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