Life is too short for boring stories


The glass,
splintered into a thousand pieces,
when you bend down
take one from you.

Give the color
in the touch,
Your color,
so that it becomes a piece
that connects to a mosaic,
Piece by piece,
no longer splintered,
but woven into a new unity,
from chaos to connectedness,
becomes a composition of thoughts
Memories, sensations and inspirations,
dismiss the original form
into a new total being,
lined up piece by piece,
Tone in which the song vibrates
Word from which the story develops
Color that continues in a picture,
a brightly colored, colorful, unique mosaic
of words and tones and colors,
in addition to the symphony of unity,
as it can be
if we are mindful
for your tone, for your word, for your color,
without losing independence,
become whole
without letting the parts melt together,
Individuality while in unity,
in which the whole is nothing without the individual,
but the details are not understandable
outside of wholeness.
So, we line up stone by stone,
that were nothing else before,
as broken glass,
and now lets diversity arise
because we get involved
each in their own way,
Each in his own way,
in the freedom of connectedness.


The glass,
splintered into a thousand pieces,
remains broken glass,
just that
if you don’t see anything else in it,
no possibility and no change,
no affection and no understanding,
if you stay to yourself
keep to you
because you only know mine and yours,
in the separation,
in the split.
If you coat the splinter with silver,
so that it doesn’t reflect anything,
than yourself
in your self-sufficiency,
the tone, it sounds like cold and isolation,
the word it finds no understanding
the color, it looks dull and cold,
because you hold yourself back
does not accept anything
except you,
technically perfect,
but without a soul
flawless in implementation,
but without feeling
impeccable in execution,
but without connection,
between you and me,
if you keep yourself to yourself
in your tone, in your word, in your color,
without the possibility of reaching each other
Confusing individuality with solipsism,
in which you do not reveal yourself
in which there is only isolation
because you don’t dare
the fear of going under
To lose you
Drives you
disregarding the possibilities of togetherness,
that you don’t trust
in no way
focused on nothing but you
into the captivity of division

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