Life is too short for boring stories

Allow – to sit down with me, although we don’t know anything about each other, except maybe the one thing that we are people who are looking for the encounter, sometimes out of boredom or mere curiosity, but sometimes also so as not to drown in the swamp of isolation and lost self .

Allow – to speak you to me and me to you, although we have not carefully checked each other out beforehand, made sure that you are worth it, my trust and my openness, but how else would an encounter be possible without this little requirement.

Allow – to show you to me and me to you how we are, although it is always a risk to open up and allow. How will you deal with what I discover for you, what I let you experience from me?

“I want to let you immerse yourself in my world, which is so completely different from yours, and I start with: Hello! I am happy that you are here,” I tell you while we sit on the jetty and see the full, luscious moon reflected in the water.
“Yes, I’m here, and yet, it shouldn’t be me, here, where everything is so strange, where I can’t keep to anything but the promise you make to me,” you replied skeptically.
“I know there are games being played elsewhere, games with people that have winners and losers, fighting and power games, games about prestige and reputation, games about interests and selfishness, but there are no games here, not about you or me, not at the price of togetherness,” I replied.
“Why should I believe you? Where should I put my trust in you, where I have nothing but your word, where I can rely on nothing but your assurance, and how fickle people are. Or do you want to say of yourself that you have never disappointed?”, you replied, logically and comprehensibly.
“I do not claim anything about myself, only what you experience in me, just as I do not make any assumptions about you and only accept what you let me experience from you in order to save it for me, from the world, from others . But security, no, there can never be.”, I replied thoughtfully.

Allow – are there barriers to dreams as long as they are allowed to be dreams?

Allow – can you set limits to hope without destroying it?

Allow – longing that fills me in its essence and speaks to me that I want to turn to you, can it be contained?

Allow – amazement that you are in your uniqueness and indeterminacy and also unpredictability, how could I make compromises without losing you even before I have really found you?

Allow – growth that enables your trust and your affection for me, can it be straightened out without losing its independence?

Allow – affection that leads us to one another, to shake hands, to strengthen and accompany one another, can it have a measure that makes it recognizable without expropriating?

Allow – you and me in the we!


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