Life is too short for boring stories

“The ideal Mother’s Day present” or “Give something special for Mother’s Day” or “No idea what you can give for Mother’s Day? Then you are exactly right here“. If these or similar advertisements appear frequently, then you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to know that Mother’s Day is coming up again. And the desperation seems to be great. “What should I get my mother for? Do you remember what I gave her last year? Damn it, wasn’t Mother’s Day only just now?“, it sounds like a tone, and it may seem as if it was just now, after all, only a year has passed. What a bother. Fortunately, there are all these great offers. Something can already be found. You order conveniently online, have it delivered and the thing is done again and you can devote yourself to the important things in life. But is that supposed to be the point of Mother’s Day? What is Mother’s Day about?

I don’t even want to get into the story of that day, whether it comes from the Nazis or not. Much has already been written about this. But even without any historical background, most of them feel compelled to celebrate it. That is why it is important to bring a gift with you to fool dear mom that you think of her all the time and that you love her. If love actually went through consumer goods, the world would pass over with love, as much as is constantly being consumed and given away. But is that true with a quick, somehow made online purchase or the flowers you got at the gas station at 9:30 that day because you simply forgot, despite all the intrusive advertising? Is there even the slightest appreciation to be seen in it?

The economy loves this day. After all, there is one thing that you have to consume above all on this day. But that doesn’t mean a lot. The economy also loves Valentine’s Day and Halloween and – for those who like it more traditional – All Saints‘ Day. It is prepared to meet the special wishes of mothers and to generate the corresponding turnover. In the end, it doesn’t matter to the economy what it says on it or for what purpose it is bought, as long as it is bought. That makes sense and is understandable. But is that what mothers want? Of course, there are those here who want that and much more. They expect nothing more than to be given gifts. They go so far as to ask for a Mother’s Day present from the husband. That, too, is legitimate if one is satisfied with material things, does not expect anything else from loved ones, and possibly has nothing else to expect. But that’s not enough for me.

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful things in the world. To accompany a person into life, to see him grow up and to experience how he develops, to give him confidence in that very life and the freedom to shape it as you see fit. It’s beautiful, but also stressful. Worry never leaves you, because with this new being, a love arises that you never thought possible, that would not exist without this person. Overwhelming and awesome at the same time. No matter how old the „child“ gets, you will always be concerned about its well-being. The most difficult thing is to let go and lead a life of your own. Difficult, but inevitable, because after all, as a mother, you want nothing more than a fulfilled, happy life for the people who made you a mother. That’s why I don’t want gifts, but a lively connection that remains, even if the adult children are far away, possibly parents themselves. I would like them to know that I am there for them and, above all, where they are welcome, that they will be happy to come “home” again, maybe on Mother’s Day, but also on any other day. I wish that the relationship grows, adapted to the respective age and its challenges. I want us to enjoy being together, not because it’s Mother’s Day, but because it’s just good for you. Because that’s the best present, but I don’t need Mother’s Day for that.

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