Life is too short for boring stories

The glitter continues, the glitter of the blue flower. It takes me to a bank. I take out two figures who obviously can’t sit still. Again, and again they hop up, behind the bench, under the bench, pause briefly in order to walk around the bench again to discover something new. I pause for a moment, contemplating these goings-on, which involuntarily puts a smile on my face. Not long, because they discover me, don’t wait until I go on, but run towards me, beaming with joy. Two little hands stretch out towards me.

„Come on, I have to show you something!“, says the boy.
“No, I have to show you something. Mine is much more important and much more interesting!“, says the girl.
„But I said it first!“, replies the boy, and I find myself torn. I don’t want to prefer either of them, neither of them to reset. But how am I supposed to do that?
„But mine is more urgent!“, replies the girl, underscoring her statement by increasing the pull on my hand.
“I want to do you both justice. But how should I do that?“, I seek her understanding.
„I know something. You first look at me because it’s something you’ve been looking for for a long time, and then yours, because it’s actually related to it,“ suggests the girl, and I hesitantly look over at the boy, who seems to agree, however, because he is now going to the place that the girl leads us to. Behind the bench is a high willow whose branches reach to the ground. She carefully pushes some branches to the side to open up access to this shaped cave from the branches of the willow, and then I see it, right on the trunk of the willow, the blue flower, in all its glory. I want to rush down, take it, keep it, but I find myself held back.

„No, you mustn’t!“, says the girl firmly.
„Why not? Why are you showing it to me when I can’t have it?“, I ask, irritated.
“Because it is not yours, and if you try to take it, it will lose its luster and its life. You mustn’t have them. It can be found if you don’t want it,“ she explains, and she is right. How right she is. Don’t stop, just find yourself and let yourself be opened. So, it is with this flower and with the people in my life, but I’m torn out of my thoughts again.

„Have you seen the moon, the full, beautiful moon?“, the boy asks me now, and leads me away from the canopy.
“Of course, I saw him. I know it’s in the sky,“ I reply.
„Do you only know, or did you really look?“, he persists, and I have to admit to myself, not wrongly. Did I look? Did I really open my eyes, lift my gaze and look at it centered? Involuntarily, lift it up I turn my head, follow the direction in which his arm is pointing. Yes, now I not only know, now I see. How new, how unexpected is the world when I see it. “Thank you for opening up to me again to be able to see. Thank you for telling me that to have means to die,“ I hear myself say, and experience myself as seeing openly and no longer remaining in my closed knowledge.

„Then we can go now,“ they say, waving, and take a path that opens up behind the bench, their path on which they discover the world for themselves.


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