Life is too short for boring stories

He: Sorry, is this chair free?
She: (looks up from her newspaper in amazement) Yes, like many others. (And points meaningfully to the almost empty coffee house)
He: But that’s the nicest chair in the whole café.
She: (looks closely at the chair but apparently cannot tell the difference) Why?
He: What why?
She: I can’t see that there is any difference between the chair and the others.
He: It’s closest to the sun.
She: (looks at the position of the sun) So, as far as I know, the sun is around 149,600,000 km away from earth. Does that make a difference of two meters?
He: (sits down now) That’s what makes it. I usually sit back there …
She: There in the corner?
He: Yes, that’s my regulars’ table, and there …

She: But nobody is sitting there now.
He: I’m sitting there too, and nobody seems to want that except me, and there …
She: Then why aren’t you sitting there today? The sun is shining there too?
He: But here I am sitting right next to her.
She: Then why isn’t this your regulars’ table?
He: Because the sun isn’t always there.
She: (another look at the sky) Look, not right now either, a cloud is between us and her.
He: I have that feeling too.
She: Sure, you just have to look.
He: No, listen.
She: Can you hear the sun?
He: Yes, for about 10 minutes.
She: Did you throw something in that clouded the senses?
He: I saw something that confused my senses.
She: Are you an artist or something?
He: How do you get that?
She: You talk confused, you hear the sun talking and you have a regular seat in the café.
He: You are often there too.
She: No, often not, now and then.
He: That wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I noticed you.
She: Why?
He: Because I thought you looked interesting.
She: I? No.
He: I’m slowly not believing it either.
She: Why? Because I can’t hear the sun talk?
He: You always read and you seem so thoughtful.
She: I’ll tell you a secret. I’m just pretending. In truth, I leave my thoughts to my own devices.
He: What for?
She: To avoid being approached, though. this is probably no longer necessary.
He: Why?
She: Because the guys address the young, pretty ones. Who should speak to me.
He: Yes, who …
She: But imagine what happened to a friend of mine. She was sitting in the café like me and then a guy came and asked if the chair next to her was free. The doorbell should actually ring here, especially if almost all seats are otherwise free. But good. So, she asks, completely innocent, almost naively, why there. And he says because he’s sitting there right next to the sun. At the latest then she should have noticed.
He: What?
She: That it is fried. Anyway, she’s still not buckling it. Is that to be believed?
He: Hardly.
She: Well I, I would notice that immediately.

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