Life is too short for boring stories

„You are the most beautiful rose I have ever seen.“

„I’m nothing special, just one rose among many others.“

“You are also one of those who haven’t read the ‘Little Prince’, but whatever, I say, you are a very special rose among all the others. Even if you think you all look the same, no, you are the one rose among all the others, the very special one that I will look out for.“

„Why me?“

“Because I chose you. You spoke to me, touched me, and you are my rose, the most beautiful of all the others, the special one, my rose.“

„Why me?“

„Haven’t you just asked that before? Didn’t I just answer it?“

„Maybe it was the wrong answer.“

“Because I want to be special to you. Because we are each other.“

“Can’t I choose that. Well, you have chosen me for you, but do I have a chance to choose you, or do I just have to accept being chosen?“

„I thought that you chose me too, not only I chose you“

“So you assumed that an election process automatically evokes the countermovement? Well then you are wrong. I did not choose you.“

“And if we just get to know each other. Maybe then I still have the chance to be chosen.“

“I will never choose you. You can’t stay that long, I can’t know you so well that I would change my mind.“

“I won’t just take it. I will stay with you and give you a chance to choose me too. Nothing has been decided yet, I know that.“

„Where do you want to get that from?“

„I just know it. But you will see. The day will come one day when you will be just as happy with me as I am with you. In the meantime, I’ll just stay and make myself useful.“

„How do you want to make yourself useful?“

“You, my most beautiful of all roses, my chosen one, you are constantly threatened by insects that eat you and also by larger animals. And you poor one, you are full of aphids that suck you out, that rob you of all your strength and, if they are not stopped, plunge you into ruin.“ “And what do you want to do about it? You can’t do anything about it?“

„Yes I can. I’ll drive them all away except the last one. I will clean you and save your slim body from their deadly bites. I will keep everything away from you that is not good for you, so that ultimately only the rain and the sun are allowed to touch you. Yes, I will.“

„You’ll? And what else?“

„If a sheep dares to come near you, I’ll chase it away so that it cannot touch the leaves or flowers.“


„I will.“

„You do everything for me.“

„Yes, I will do everything for you.“

„Then take a look at yourself.“

„I look at myself.“

„And what do you see?“

“That I finally understand what you mean. I am an aphid. First of all, I will free myself from myself. „

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