Life is too short for boring stories

Every day is new, every day is different. Certainly there are things that repeat themselves. Again and again. Brush teeth. For example. Eat. For example. Sleep. It can be minimized. As far as possible. And in between the possibilities wait. When you want to see them, and not just what is repetitive. We can. But we also have to. Of course we have to. Go to the clo. For example. To breathe. For example. Love. But it is not necessary. But makes you happy. We can do a lot between having to. We have chances and opportunities. We can take hold of it if we dare. We can shape life between must. It’s the meaning of life, the only one we have. We can also sit back and say it doesn’t matter. But when it’s over, after death, it has done something.

Life only has meaning when it stands on its own. We have no more excuses. We can no longer talk our way out and do not postpone anything. There has to be an afterlife or it would be all over. Would it be bad if everything was over. But there has to be something that stays. We stay in our children. Abuse the children for us. They have their own lives and offenses. We stay in what we have created. Everything that was created passes away. Even Van Gogh’s sunflowers. And Goethe’s Faust. It’s not important. But then there is no answer to what for. We don’t need an answer to what for when we’re alive now. An afterlife is a mere reassurance of not having done anything today. To let chances and opportunities pass. Elapse. Everything is better then and forever. What if nothing is better and nothing is eternal? No matter how you imagine it, what could be better about living forever. In whatever form, it remains a prison. Life ends. And that’s good. We should find ourselves in it again. We should believe in death again. When we believe in death again, we believe in life again. Not of any life in a dubious sometime. Nothing remains. Not the work of our hands. Not the work of our loins. But what if nothing lasts? It’s good if nothing continues. So the invitation to live life in itself remains. Short span between birth and death. That’s all. What we set in motion when we act is permanent. Action demands action. One action follows the next. It is what we do that carries us on. Maybe not by name. But in its effects. Be mindful of what you do. Pay attention to the moment, to the ever-now. Then you don’t need an excuse anymore.

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