Life is too short for boring stories

Schools, and I would also like to lump upstream educational institutions such as kindergartens and children’s flu unfiltered into one pot, not only do not help. What’s more, they hurt. Those who have gone through the educational system and emerged from it without too much damage can only be congratulated. Of course, the children are tough and adaptable, but above all they have the incomparable gift of protecting themselves from the worst. We all experienced it and got it over with. Some school reforms were tried and failed. A number of reform pedagogues are trying to improve, but no one has dared to question the institution itself. It goes without saying that most people would say that there is no alternative. Because where else should the children learn something? Educational institutions are there to ensure that children learn something.

“Non scholae, sed vitae discimus”, it still sounds full-bodied, even from the throats of those who consider Latin lessons obsolete, but what do the children really learn. On the one hand, they do not learn because of school, but in spite of school. And what they learn is precisely specified. These specifications describe what knowledge means. Everything that is to the left and right of it is unnecessary. I.e. someone in an office presumes to be allowed to determine for the majority of people what is worth knowing and what is not. If the prisoners, i.e. visitors to the school, are able to drum exactly this knowledge into their heads in order to spit it out again at a certain point in time, they receive a certificate that is provided with some kind of authorization. If someone wants to have acquired exactly this knowledge without having approved it institutionally, it does not count, he can do it so well. I.e. what is not institutionally legitimized is also worthless. Autodidacts and students who are not ready to fit into the cohort are selected and placed on the sidelines. If you want to be recognized and only want to pursue a halfway useful profession, you are dependent on the goodwill of the authority, and you will remain so for the rest of your life. Soon you have to have a gardening diploma to be able to plant vegetables in your own garden. Schools and other educational institutions do nothing but establish short-term knowledge and try to sell this as education.

But the truth is that all these educational institutions serve only one purpose: to get the children out of life and imprison them for many hours a day like in a labor camp. The parents are employed, whereby the gainful employment that is meant, despite all modern possibilities, still refers to work outside the home. This work, regardless of the level, takes place in an area to which children have no access and yet only disturb. On the other hand, we need children, because someone has to keep working and pay our pensions. So, we face a dilemma. After all, children should be supervised. The way out is the appropriate educational institution. At least that’s what it’s called. In truth, it is nothing more than child storage facilities that enable parents and all other adults (because there should be others who feel responsible, even if only a few) to get rid of the children in order to devote themselves fully to gainful employment. Interned, imprisoned, bullied and ruined until they have finally learned, preferably from the age of six months, that it is not legitimate to follow one’s own inner rhythm, but only to follow the one imposed from outside. You can’t eat when you are hungry unless the time is right, or drink when you are thirsty. It cannot be that one constantly follows one’s inner impulse. That must be in order. Our educational institutions are regulatory and disciplinary institutions, and the longer each individual is barracked there, the greater the chance that these rules of conduct have been internalized to such an extent that the students who have been discharged from life can seamlessly move into the depersonalized world of incorporate modern working life. If you don’t, you pay the price, and that’s not what responsible parents want. That is why we send our children to institutions that are hostile to democracy and destroy individuality. You’ll somehow survive.

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