Life is too short for boring stories

And you lay next to me and talked about the events of that decisive night.

“I spent the next day alone. Mochridhe had retired to his room. He wanted to think. Maybe he was hoping that it might not be what I thought, but it was all fitting and consistent. But for him it meant offloading a debt and charging someone else who was very close to him, of which he had until now thought that she only wanted to protect him and the best for him. ‚I am convinced that she will call me as soon as she learns what has happened between us. Stay close to the fireplace, I’ll give you a sign. Maybe you can listen to our conversation, ’, I suggested to him when I left. I was so upset last night that I slept the whole next day. When my uncle woke me, it was already pitch dark.

‚Now you can show whether you are steadfast or not,‘ said the raven in my head, and down in the forest next to the tower I heard the wolves. Their howls sounded like comfort and worry. ‚I will,‘ I replied determinedly to the voice of the raven in my head. ‚Morrigan, your aunt wishes to see you,‘ said my uncle briefly and motioned for me to follow him. He led me into the room I had been led to on the day of my arrival, and its fireplace led directly into the tower, I hoped. I immediately stood next to them. It cost me to just stand up because there was a fire burning in it. I avoided looking, but the warmth crept up me maliciously, but I had no choice, Mochridhe had to overhear this conversation. Otherwise he would never believe it. So, I took the poker and dropped it. Hopefully he’d heard it up there in the tower. ‚Good evening, Aunt Morgana,‘ I began, ‚You wanted to speak to me?‘ ‚As I heard, you met my poor, unhappy son?‘ She asked, but it was just a rhetorical question because she knew of course Notification. ‚Yes, I did,‘ I replied nonetheless, ‚And he is probably one of the loveliest and most lovable people I know.‘ ‘He will wrap you up, take you in and then throw you away like a wet sock, because you are not worthy of him. Maybe he doesn’t know yet, because you will have presented yourself in such a way that he falls for you, that he has fallen into hope, you meant it seriously and honestly with him, but I, I know better. You little whores, just looking for your pleasure, want a handsome, rich man by your side whom you can take apart, but I won’t allow that. None of you are good enough for him,’ she threw unprotected at my head. ,Why do you want to know that? Do you know me or any of the girls you drove to death or mad with your greed to keep your son?‘ I replied calmly, ‚No, you don’t know any, because your only interest is not your son sharing, not having to give up. Therefore, and only because of this, none is good enough for him. You are to blame for their death or madness, and yet you persuaded Mochridhe to be guilty until he decided to be locked up there in the tower, tormented by grief and pain. The grief will remain, but if he finds out that you are to blame, he can go on living freely and openly. He will hate you as soon as I tell him about it. ‚Her face contorted with blind anger:‘ My son will never hear a word about our conversation, and even if he does, he will never believe you because I am his mother and you just a bitch that ran along.‘ ‘Then I tell you, it is not necessary because he has already heard everything, as if he were in the room with us, here by the fireplace,‘ I replied dryly. The last thing I saw was Morgana pick up the poker and hit me. Then I passed out.“
You paused and I understood that it wasn’t easy to talk about. I allowed the silence.

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