Life is too short for boring stories

„This is wonderful,“ replied Mr. Dr. Beautiful, „I never knew you had such ambitions.“
“You didn’t know a lot about me,” said Mrs. Beautiful shortly, “People change, learn from it and you don’t notice it. Or they have big dreams and plans and keep them to themselves because they are afraid that they will be broken. Often there is simply a lack of trust. „
„And also, a little daring,“ added Mr. Dr. Beautiful to add. With that he hugged his wife and said very softly, „I love you.“ And when he listened to the sound of the words he hadn’t spoken in a long time, he knew that it was right, as well.

“Mr. and Mrs. Brügge,” said Mrs. Ambitious to the couple, “We made a mistake and obviously didn’t think about it. We have been in the business for many years and over time you learn that there is no ethics and no morals in the business world. We were simply overwhelmed with your ethical attitude. Therefore, we would like to ask you to give us another chance. Then it will become clear whether collaboration is possible or not.” Briefly, Mrs. Brügge looked at her husband and then explained.
„Well, then sit down and just try our products, and we’ll see what happens.“ and it was not necessary to say it twice to Mr. and Mrs. Ambitious.

„What a day,“ Lisa said to Ben as they cuddled up exhausted that evening after the guests said goodbye and the kids were in bed.
„Did you ever think that so much change could be done in such a short time?“ Ben asked thoughtfully.
„We will see if it is a real change, but a lot has started to move, in any case,“ said Lisa, „Or could you ever have imagined that all these people are sitting at one table and Have fun.“
„It’s a good start,“ Ben emphasized, „Verena and Markus Hardworking renew their marriage vows and we are invited. Exciting. And Hartmut Beautiful, the good Mr. Dr. will tear up his marriage contract.“
„And it looks like Amanda and Waldemar Ambitious are still doing business with Marie-Luise and Philip Brügge,“ added Lisa.
„Did you see how they all liked it?“ Asked Ben.
„Sure, they ate everything down to the last crumbs,“ said Lisa.

The next morning, Monday morning, everything seemed to be as usual, but if you looked closely, you noticed that it wasn’t, because the people who had hardly paid attention to each other greeted cheerfully, even from terrace to terrace. Everyone was interested in maintaining a good neighborhood. All? Not all, because Mrs. Decent, who had stayed at home, glared wildly at her husband.
“First of all, you stayed over there forever. I don’t want to know what you were doing there,“ she explained, hands on hips, „but what I got for you is definitely not as loud as it was.“
„Oh just shut up,“ said Mr. Dr. Decent simple and hugged his wife, who was amazed to forget to fight back, even to get upset, so surprised she was surprised by his reaction, „I will tell you everything on occasion and you will see , our new neighbors are fine. Maybe they are different from us, but that’s what makes it interesting that you can be different and enjoy it. You have so many wonderful qualities. You are generous and tolerant, I know that. So, you can look at the way they live from this point of view.“
„Well, if you say so,“ said his wife, coughing a little so as not to show her embarrassment, „I’ll do it like this. Of course, you are quite right, you shouldn’t be so strict with young people. Maybe you need my help sometimes. I will go over this afternoon.“
„Do that, honey,“ replied Mr. Dr. Decent happy. So, he said goodbye to drive to the office. It was the beginning of a new week that felt like it was also a new life.

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