Life is too short for boring stories

So it happened that one morning a truck stopped in front of the little house, from which moving boxes were unloaded. It was a Saturday, so most of the neighbors were at home, probably having breakfast and watching what was going on, very closely. Because suddenly a bald, somewhat corpulent man stood in front of Lisa, who almost ran over him, because between them was a moving card that she was about to bring into the house.
„Just be careful,“ said Doctor Dr. Decent involuntarily. Then Lisa put the box down and greeted the little man with a smile.
„Good morning, Dr. Decent,” she said.
„No, no, no, that’s not a good morning at all,“ said the exasperated, „Do you actually realize that you are standing five centimeters from my entrance with your monster of a car. Five centimeters. I could report them for that.“

„Why do you want to go away?“, Lisa asked irritated, because she didn’t quite understand the meaning of this argument.
„No, I don’t want to leave, but I could, but if I wanted, I couldn’t leave my own exit unscathed,“ he said tightly, „If you didn’t drive away in 20 minutes, I would be forced to leave get executive to help.” Spoke, turned his heel and, as gracefully as possible, walked back to his home. In fact, a police car pulled up 25 minutes later. The officials examined the Corpus Delicti, the truck, diligently. Again, Lisa had to put down a box to join them as she watched the lawyer’s face turn dark red.
„Everything is fine there, Doctor,“ Lisa heard one of the officers say, „There is nothing above it.“
„You, you have reset the car,“ Mr. Decent said almost indecently.
„Yes, I did,“ said Lisa dryly, „That should solve the problem.“
„But I told you, you had to go!“ continued the lawyer, „Tell her she has to!“ He said to the officials.
„I’m almost afraid she doesn’t have to,“ said one of the two, sounding rather contrite, but laws also apply to lawyers.
„But you don’t want to tell me now that you don’t want to do anything on this matter,“ continued Mr. Decently.
„It is not because of wanting, but we cannot,“ the official became more and more subdued.
„So, well, as antisocial subjects are allowed to act as they want and decent citizens are left behind,“ said the lawyer, „but don’t think I will let it go. This will have consequences.“
„You mean the insult you made yourself?“ Asked Lisa, now trying a little to maintain.
„What insult?“ Said the lawyer in amazement.
„Antisocial subjects,“ Lisa repeated his words.
„And maybe you are not?“, the decent snarled now, „You certainly do not pay taxes and receive a lot of support. People like you are known. „
„You don’t know anything about me or my family, but you take your judgment down from their morally high horse and don’t even notice that the horse you are riding is long dead,“ Lisa replied when suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder.
„Let it be his darling,“ said the young man who had come up to them, „there is no point in arguing with him. He has his ready-made opinion and you cannot do anything about it, no matter how wrong he is. ”
„You’re right,“ Lisa replied, now calmly again, whereupon the two turned back to their work.
„You can’t just leave me here like this,“ Doctor complained decently after them, while the officials took the opportunity to get out of the dust.
„That will have an aftermath,“ the good lawyer almost shouted, which the executive officers heard in the car roaring away. Lisa and Ben took no notice of it.

„We have arrived“, Lisa said to her boyfriend, when they sat tired in the evening in the living room of their new home, while the children were already sleeping soundly, „Do you think it will get better someday, I mean with the neighbors? „
„It will always get better, you will see,“ Ben reassured her gently. Then he took her in his arms and sang something to her. „It was that voice that I fell in love with first,“ Lisa thought to herself as she glided easily into the land of dreams.

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