Life is too short for boring stories

It was the second Sunday in May on which Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated. It was warm and sunny, so my children and I went for a walk to sit relaxed on the terrace of a cafe. We chatted about this and that, while it was not to be overlooked that there was a heated discussion at the next table. We tried to ignore it as much as possible. After all, it was none of our business. But peace was not granted to us, because suddenly the lady, who was sitting at the next table with two friends, turned to us and said suddenly:
„I am sure you gave your mother something for Mother’s Day and celebrated with her as it should be.“ I looked at the lady in confusion, but after the request was not given to me, I left the reply to my children, not wanting to hide the fact that I was very excited about their answer.

„You mean because she gave us life and would do anything for us because she loves us more than anything?“ Asked my daughter first.
„Yes, that’s exactly why. Every mother deserves that, ”said the lady further.
„So you think that every mother, everybody in this world, that she can be with her children, deserves me to celebrate Mother’s Day?“ Continued my son, to find out more about her To learn about concerns.
„That’s what I meant. And I think that’s probably the least!“ Exclaimed the lady. I could see my children take a quick look, nodding.
„Then why don’t you have a problem with mothers taking their children away right after birth just so you can drink their latte macchiato?“ Said my daughter.
„And then these babies all alone, scared in mini boxes, shipped in all weather or in vans without being taken care of, to be traveled thousands of kilometers?“ Added my son.
„Are these mothers worth nothing? Didn’t they deserve to have their babies with them? ”Added my daughter.
„But I don’t do it, I can’t help it,“ the lady said.
„Of course you can, you drink cow’s milk,“ my son said calmly.
„I didn’t know all of this,“ the lady tried again, but that didn’t help either.
„All the worse,“ my daughter said simply.
„And anyway, you don’t want to compare your mother to a cow,“ she said angrily.
„Of course we want. Both are mammals that care for and love their children. Where’s the difference? ”Continued my son.
“And besides, it is fair that not only will you take your babies away from a mother for your Malakoft cake, but you will also ensure that millions of them are shredded alive. Or to force pregnant women for their ham sandwich, so that the hormone-rich blood is drawn, whereby the baby is finally aborted and thrown away? Do you think that all these mothers have no right to their children, who want to protect and care for them, in freedom and with all dedication? “, My daughter rounded off the line of reasoning.
„Now tell me something!“ Asked the lady directly, „Your children can’t talk to me like that.“
“Firstly, they do nothing more than tell the truth, for that reason alone I will not prevent it, and secondly, they are independent thinkers. You asked them, my children answered, ”I said calmly,“ And as far as Mother’s Day is concerned, I am happy to be with them because we understand and respect each other. But as long as only one mother in the world is exploited for sheer enjoyment, as long as even a single mother is separated from her babies without a really good reason, it is an affront to celebrate Mother’s Day. I hope that is enough for you as an answer. „
Piquant, the lady turned back to her table. She didn’t say anything more, but the answer was that she enjoyed the ham sandwich, Malakoft cake and latte macchiato anyway.

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