Life is too short for boring stories

„You always tend to exaggerate,“ you stated razor-sharp, „But seriously, what do you actually have against women who try to look nice and neat.“
„I have nothing against women who try to look nice and neat,“ I said thoughtfully, „I just can’t understand that there are people, and these aren’t just women who, with every wrinkle they discover, immediately run to the beautician to get her sprayed on and panic when someone appreciates her as old as you are. That seems to me so much useless expenditure of time and energy. There is so much more important to do.“
„So you mean there are actually more important things than Botox, Hyaluron & Co.?“, You asked, with that special undertone that I knew only too well and which revealed to me that you had something in mind, but I decided for the moment to ignore it.
„Yes, there is!“ I replied with that unwavering certainty that I had worked hard to get.
„And what could that be?“ You replied, still with that undertone.

„Playing, for example,“ I replied briefly and as I put two rubber ducks in the water, „one for you and one for me.“
„Are you serious now?“, You said, and your undertone had changed to reproachful or incredulous, depending on the interpretation.
„No, it’s not serious at all, it’s playful,“ I replied, „It’s too serious in life anyway, although if you really play the game, it has to be serious, in the sense of Concentration or being there. It is most beautiful when you lose yourself completely in the game and are completely at it. It can happen to you at work and it’s like a play. „
„Don’t let the conservatives hear that. Work cannot be work if you enjoy it. Work can only mean work suffering and not joy. Those who enjoy their work do not get the pressure they need. It is underutilized,” you returned.
„So you mean that everything that is fun is not serious and that which is not serious, an adult must not do that. Unless it’s in your free time and then the fun has to cost a lot of money and not just consist of having two rubber ducks frolicking in the water, immersing yourself, playing under and with each other, if you are already under feel your dignity,” I interjected.
„I think so, yes, I could have learned it, so you probably too,“ you said.
„And do you also know why we are taught that?“ I asked to answer the question myself, „Because people who enjoy what they do are happier, who get lost in doing things, make a difference and use their freedom. And these happy people consume less and are less likely to get sick. In a word, happy people ruin the economy, but do themselves good. As with love play.“
„So now you’re going too far!“ You flatly threw, „You don’t want to say that love is a play.“
„Yes, because it requires the complete presence, to get involved, with each other and their space,“ I explained gently, „Like life. So true living life is love is play is love is true living life. „
„It almost sounds like it’s interchangeable,“ you said thoughtfully, „life is game is love is game is life.“
„If you really live, you get completely involved, you lose yourself in it, at the moment, because life is always only the one moment in which we are, nothing more“, I said, „As I now allow myself to the moment in which I am here in the bath with you and we are talking. It is a lived moment when we are really fully present.“
„And you shouldn’t let a moment pass by, but accept it as it is given to us?“ You asked.
„It is exactly like that. I knew you could understand it, ”I replied, pleased to be understood.
„I just wanted to be sure,“ you said, whereupon you vigorously maneuvered the rubber ducks out of the bathtub and me onto your lap. Yes, and how we filled the moment with life, I leave that to your imagination.

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