Life is too short for boring stories

At last he was in the car, the engine was already on and was about to call her when the passenger door opened and his wife jumped into the car. So, he left the cell phone plugged in and contented himself with looking puzzled.
„I thought I would come with you,“ she said, „don’t look like this now. Or maybe it doesn’t suit you that I’m going with you? Were you up to something I shouldn’t have known?” She was sure it was. So, she decided to go with him. Of course, she had all of his communication options under control, but she still couldn’t help feeling that he was cheating on her, even if she didn’t know how he did it to get in touch with her, the other.
„You know very well that I still wanted to go to the studio to work,“ he said as he started the car, „you will only be bored. We would also have met at the lecture afterwards.”

„That’s one of the reasons why I’m going,“ she explained, a casual smile on her lips, because she was convinced that she would uncover his dizziness in a few minutes and, as the winner, could say, „I’ve always had it known what you are.” Then he would have to crawl on crosses for months until she could graciously forgive him and at the same time she had a reason to tighten the ring around his neck even more. He didn’t have to think she could be taken away from anyone who ran away. However, she added aloud. “We always came separately to the last events. That doesn’t make a good picture. People are already talking and spreading the wildest rumors. It is said that you have a mistress. „
„You know very well that people always talk. That is the bad thing and you hang yourself up on the first rumor that anyone puts into the world. I should have thought you were more reflective,” he couldn’t help noticing. The nervousness that had taken hold of him was beginning to panic because he had no chance of notifying her, his lover, as his wife had called her. In a few minutes it would happen, everything would blow up and, in the worst case, he would lose everything, especially the house. But he couldn’t go back. Maybe a miracle would happen after all. He would definitely not reveal anything as long as it wasn’t absolutely necessary. While the couple covered the last few kilometers in silence, another car headed for the house in which his studio was located, coming from the other side of town.

„Funny that he doesn’t answer,“ thought his lover. Exciting to see from the outside how even the most sophisticated surveillance apparatus that his wife had set up could be tricked. She knew what that meant, because after all, she had seen it for herself. The difference was, she had freed herself from this surveillance and she would never let anyone else do it to her. Of course, it also had its advantages. Many men see their wives as mothers with extended needs-satisfaction skills. In return, they let them say how to behave, correct themselves when they misbehave, tell themselves what to wear and tug at themselves if the shirt collar is not properly seated. In return, they are cooked, washed and cleaned, mothered in one word. It is in the nature of things that the replacement mom is allowed to control everything. That was not her problem, however, because that was how they had decided. However, as far as she was concerned, something was wrong that evening. She had a feeling like that. And if there were two things she had learned over the years, it was getting the raisins out of the cake and listening to her gut feeling.

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