Life is too short for boring stories

I looked briefly at her. The back was narrow and I noticed that she was trembling slightly. She leaned her head on the backrest and held her arms intertwined in front of her stomach. At least I suspected it because I couldn’t see it. It looked a little strange, so I immediately wondered how the lady would react with her governess behavior. The reaction was not long in coming. As soon as the girl had opened the door and entered the compartment, said lady with the glasses on her nose began to look at her, clearly spiked. There was no doubt that she didn’t like the girl’s exterior. She would use any term between sloppy and neglected if someone asked her her opinion. Even if that wasn’t necessary, because it was written on her face. But when the girl then sat down on the square, left the door open and otherwise did not bother about the other passengers, the barrel seemed to knock the ground out. It was very relaxed with her from the start, I assumed.

„You, Miss! Could you please close the door? It pulls!“, she let out her high, cutting voice, which seemed to shake with anger. Before the girl could react, I took it from her.
„I didn’t speak to you!“ the lady snapped.
„It doesn’t matter,“ I replied calmly, which was all the more difficult for me because I had to suppress a laugh with all my might, „You wanted to have the door closed. It is now. Who does it is ultimately irrelevant. „
„It isn’t!“ she replied. Her anger made her voice shake even more, after all she had to assume that they had allied against her, „I’ve never been ignored in my life like this! That is impertinent! „
„Then it’s time for you to get used to it,“ I replied succinctly.
„And besides, how she sits there!“, the lady continued, „That is not allowed. That cannot be allowed. Turning your back on the passengers, what an affront.” Demonstratively, the young man with the dreads turned more in my direction and turned his back on the more and more eager.
„What’s that supposed to be? A conspiracy against those who behave decently and well-mannered?” she asked the group. The gentleman in three parts pretended not to have heard or seen anything, the fat lop next to him was snorting jovially, only the Goaboy turned to her.
„To judge people based on their appearance or their clothes or their idiosyncrasies has nothing to do with decent or good manners, but only with the urge to impose your own philosophy of life on everyone,“ he said calmly and objectively. At that moment the compartment door was opened again and the conductor asked for the tickets. They were given him without a word. Even the girl who turned her back handed him the requested piece of paper.
„Mr. Schaffner, tell the young lady that you shouldn’t sit like this!“ The lady asked with all possible vehemence.
„Madame, I understand your concern,“ the addressee returned jovially, „but there is still no regulation that says how anyone can use their paid space as long as he or she doesn’t dirty it.“ He closed the door again.
„But you, you are an integral person,“ said the lady in despair about not being heard, to the gentleman in three parts, „speak a word of power.“ The person addressed looked at her irritated, just as the girl got up and left the compartment. I resolutely followed her because I no longer wanted to listen to it. The man with the dreads came behind me. Even the fat man had apparently pushed himself out of his seat and followed our lead. Finally, the man packed his device and left the lady alone.
„They can’t even close the door,“ was the last time I heard that lady’s prickly voice. I silently stood next to the girl. She was still holding her arms protectively in front of herself when I noticed that something was moving in it, a small life worth protecting. And she returned my smile.

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