Life is too short for boring stories

Lena said at the first moment that she was dreaming, so beautiful was the offer she had received. Could she accept it? She took a deep breath and then decided to accept what had happened to her.
„That sounds wonderful!“, Replied Lena with beaming joy, „My name is Magdalena by the way.“ Yes, she had said Magdalena, her real name, after 50 years, because that felt like real, common life.
„My name is Sophie,“ the young woman replied, offering her hand to Magdalena. And the room she got had a balcony.

Magdalena moved into her new home with a balcony. A small, bright room. Finally, she had another task in life, was able to relieve Sophie and had a lot of fun to deal with Isabella, with a girl who really should not have been allowed to live. She would never perform, attend school, or take a job that was commonly considered a benefit. But she was a happy, happy girl, despite everything. It brought sunshine and joy into the lives of all who came in contact with her. Only nobody wanted to come in contact with her. No matter where they went, the people moved out, changed the street side, left the bank. It was suspicious, weird, the old woman and the crippled girl.

Age, poverty, ugliness, sickness should be avoided, in a society in which there is nothing but youth, wealth, beauty and health. It reminds one too much of the decrepitude and the death, because we do not have everything under control. As if it were contagious, even from afar. And then the reputation. One is judged by the one with whom one surrenders. „We have nothing to do with such people,“ it says. Isabella was a smart girl and she noticed it, people’s reactions. They did not want to see it, did not know it existed, people like Isabella. In a world where everyone is judged for his benefit, such people may not even exist, giving nothing that is not useful, useful to the species, in their boundless arrogance for their supposedly superior intelligence, everything nature must not be easy, because life is in it, but it must be wood supplier or arable land or mining area or pasture land. And while all the trees were being felled, the city was heating up more and more because they had not thought trees would prevent or at least contain heat. The rich go to the mountains. There, where it is still cool. Or at the Wörthersee to the private beach. And as more and more people are deprived of their livelihoods because a small portion of humanity is excessively exploiting resources, they are moving back into their safe homes. The walls are drawn. Nobody comes in. „It’s your own fault“ is then noted while toasting with champagne and not caring that the flooded land, the spreading desert from which people flee or starve or drown would be caused by them. Does not matter. There is no direct legal claim.

Magdalena went to the park with Isabella. By now the girl was fifteen years old, reading a lot and seemingly content with her life, even though she was still quite isolated. There came a boy, about the same age as Isabella. He looked a little shy, but he spoke to her.
„Hi! I’m Stefan, „he introduced himself.
„Hi! My name is Isabella, „she replied,“ And that’s Magdalena. „
„I wanted to ask if you would like to attend our demo. I’ve seen you here so many times and .. „, obviously he did not know what else to do but Isabella helped him.
„That’s a wonderful idea,“ she said.

And so they went with them, in a group that did not care if they were old or young, sick or healthy, where only human beings counted as he was. That too can happen. Maybe it’s still not completely lost, the climate, the social, the political and the ecological.

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