Life is too short for boring stories

Every beginning is difficult, it is said everywhere. Such a nonsense, just the beginning is the easy, because then you get together because you want it. Automatically one puts the connecting over the dividing end, and one can even find something connecting there, where there is nothing else than the will to connect. That’s how we got together, and everything was cheerful and lively and wonderful. But time passed, as time usually does, the first enthusiasm subsided, and also the will and also the insight. From the contact maintenance was only the care left over, as it was something like reflection that there was something, so what was just what was.

„Of course I’m here for you, if you need me,“ I said lightly.
„Yes, there’s something you could do for me,“ you said lightly, „but it’s not that easy.“
„You’re right there, but I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen,“ I said with confidence and the urge to put my plan into action right away.
„But you need to contact me only when it’s done, or actually it is not necessary, because I realize it then anyway,“ you added, but in my eagerness I overheard it well.
For weeks I worked on what I promised you, for weeks, because I wanted to help you and you can not do it alone. You did not say that, but I thought so with me, even if a bad voice in me could not fail to say that it was not the ability, but the willing, that it was probably very pleasant, that I do so without much It was also the responsibility, but after all, we were friends, and what do you do not do for a friend.
„I did it!“ I put my words to order as I dialed your number, ready to hear your pleasure, but you did not pick it up. Well, well, I just did not go, I thought, while I tried again and again, but always with the same result. When that did not work, I wrote to you, but you did not react to that either. Somehow it was strange, but I was not deterred, still did not want to believe, which was quite obvious, just did not want, because it could have happened something, what, well, yes, whatever.
Finally, I managed to get through to you, I managed to attach my one small sentence to you.
„That’s why you’re so annoying?“, You just asked, not only showing no pleasure, but also still annoyance, „I told you that you do not need to report, I know so long ago that you have done it , It took a long time and did not turn out the way I had imagined, but please, you can not expect much. „
„I’m sorry,“ I heard myself say, and would have liked to bit my tongue. What, did I really regret that I had done the work for you?
„I forgive you,“ you explained generously, „and if you want to do more, yes, then do not let me stop you, I always enjoy it and enjoy it.“
„Yeah, sure,“ I just said more.
„You see, there’s nothing like a really good friend,“ you explained, and then you hung up.

A real good friend, I thought, I suppose you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with that, especially when he’s like you.


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