Life is too short for boring stories

„Do you really know what heaven, bliss is like?“, I asked you suddenly, and it must have been a frightening question, because at the same moment your book fell from your hand.

„Of course not. Nobody knows, because even if there is this sky, no one can give information about how it looks there, because who is there once, will not come back. „, You answered.

„You are always inspired by such a captivating logic, because I can only take my hat off. Nevertheless, it does not suit my stories.“, I replied moodily, „I can imagine it exactly.“

„And what do you imagine? „, You asked with skeptical narrowed eyebrows.

„Of course, it’s not compulsory,“ I said, „but you’ll see, it’s a pretty appealing idea and probably desirable.“

„Then tell me finally.“, You replied. So I finally managed to arouse your curiosity. I smiled smugly at you. Of course, for too long I was not allowed to do that, I knew your impatience and restlessness all too well.

„Well, here’s my story.“, I began to spread my thoughts before you, „As we all know, God created the world, more precisely the space and the time.“
„Yes, if you like that, let’s assume, as a premise.“
„Okay, if you want to see it that way, that’s fine with me, after all, I want to tell a story and not start a theological discourse. So, back to the story: With the world, the space, and the time, God created heaven, a place where people come and stay after death, at least for a while, because He knew yes, how limited such a human life is, and somehow he did not like the idea that the human being, who is his creature, simply disappears, and in order to place him, man, somewhere, he created this place. „I continued.
„That’s all very nice,“ you replied, „but you wanted to tell me how it looks there.“
„I do too, but you can not understand what’s going on there, if you do not know about these circumstances,“ I interjected.
„Fine, but now tell me what it looks like there,“ she exclaimed impatiently.
„Just like us,“ I said succinctly, „Just that the people there are no longer the slave of their metabolism, and above all, no longer need to breathe and sleep.“
„That’s all? What should be new about it? A lifeless soul, of course, has no physical functions. „, You stated, and now you were a little bit irritated.
„You see, and that’s exactly what the first mistake is. We arrive there in all our corporeality, and not just as lifeless souls. In this world, or more precisely, in this heaven, everyone arrives as they were at the time of their death, „I explained.
„So if I’m dismembered, I’ll come in parts?“ You asked mockingly.
„No, there you will be put together before. God is not the pope,“ I said thoughtfully,“ and now I tell you about an arrival.“

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