Life is too short for boring stories

„Sabrina, who was one of my two sisters, had decided on her career as a businesswoman and found fulfillment in it. Sarah, my second sister, could only watch this bustle shaking her head, if she were even watching because she is the dreamer, the romantic, the imaginative. All she saw and perceived was immediacy. Everyone who dealt with her blossomed and opened up, he did not know why and did not ask. In her presence, one cannot help but to go out of oneself. Your attention is acceptance, purest, unobstructed acceptance. It is full of creativity and ingenuity, with great ideas and ideals. The most intelligent object transforms into a work of art in her hands.

And yet she lives in her own world, in which she welcomes everyone, but never leaves it. Colorful and magnificent is this world, but far from everything practical and sensible. It was not necessary either, because she was found by a man who took everything from her and left her as she was. What a blessing to find someone who takes you just the way you are, even more, that helps you to become more and more yourself. I think she cannot help but see in all things only the beautiful and the artistic. Everything else hides them. Inspired by a sheer inexhaustible power and intensity, she reinvents herself every day. She grew up with her children, into the fairy-tale and fantasy characters, and it seemed to me that she was going to re-live her life with them. Financially and emotionally it has gone into complete dependence and costs to the full, the ups and downs, the self-flow and self-knitting out. The fire in it burns, but it warms and burns alike. She breathes and suffocates, she flies and she falls, she dances and she trembles, from one moment to the next. It may break in like a whirlwind when she comes to sit there in a moment of total exhaustion. And I asked her, too, if she was happy, and in one moment she was boundlessly happy to be equally unhappy in the next. How does she get the strength to give herself so ruthlessly? Does it make sense to be a gift until you have completely emptied yourself? To the borders, and far beyond! „


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