Life is too short for boring stories

You entered, walking straight towards Him, stopping right in front of Him, embracing the alabaster vessel, upright and strong. His blue eyes were on you, His eyes embraced you in all their fullness. No, you’ve never met a man like that, you’d never meet such a man again, and yet, as much as you wished and hoped you knew He would not stay with you long.

You lay down on your knees before Him, and He did not resist.

Carefully, you removed the lid from the alabaster tube, and immediately the pungent odor of the condylar oil flowed out. All conversation stopped, all eyes were on you, but you did not notice, because you, you only had eyes for him.

You gushed His feet with the precious needle oil from the alabaster vessel, and He did not resist it.

„Oil worth 300 denarii.“, it whispered through the room.
„How much bread could you buy to feed the poor, around 300 denarii?“, a voice said.
„A family man could feed his own and spend a year, 300 denarii,“ another voice whispered.
„What a waste!“
„What a sacrilege!“
„What a sin!“
„300 denarii – wastage – 300 denarii – sin – 300 denarii – sacrilege“, voices proclaimed.
Thunder and roar and thunder and roar. Always faster. More and more violent. And you?

You anointed His feet with the precious oil, and He did not resist.

„Lord, do not you want to hear?“, it whispered through the room.
„Lord, do not you want to stop this woman?“, a voice warned.
„Lord, do not you want to hear us?“, another voice whispered.
„What are you saying?“
„What you are doing?“
„What are you commanding?“

You dried His feet with your long hair freed from the cloth, and He did not resist it.

Silently, your tears ran down your face, onto His feet, and He, He knelt beside you, grasped your chin and raised your eyes to His. His hands gently gripped yours and his lips wrapped around yours. All the affection and love long in this kiss. In it He opened your heart, and your love was like a wild horseman who, faster than the wind, reached all the corners of this earth, spanning everything experienced in yesterday, in today, in the morning. Nothing and no one locked this love. Nothing and no one was denied her.

He kissed you and you did not resist.

„Do you want to go with me, with me to that inevitability?“, he asked you.
„I want to go with you, to that inevitability, and far beyond.“, you answered.
„Okay, then let’s go the way that is for you and me,“ he said.

So He took you by the hand and walked away with you, and you did not defend it.

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