Life is too short for boring stories

The human as a human, is in himself and for himself, as species and as type, as breathing and nurturing, as looking and speaking, as hearing and grave, as consuming and working, completely meaningless and useless. Ultimately, however much man tries to deny it, there is a residual discomfort about this obviousness. This can be most clearly shown by the suppression of this truth, but also by the beautiful speech.

Man has managed to make his life pleasant and comfortable. With all the great achievements and inventions, he has soared far above all other species, even more so over the dumb earth, so high that he regularly lands on his stomach, albeit on self-found mattresses or airbags. The man has already done great. Not only that, it is unique and incomparable. No other living thing is doing such great things. And because man has such a joy of doing all this stuff, he went on with it. Also, to reproduce oneself in it. Combining these two components means that more and more people are doing more and more things. Things that pile up and no one really needs anymore, at least from those to whom they are accessible, because the others do not even get to see them unless they happen to produce them. But in order to be able to do these things, humans need resources that they are increasingly pulling out of the earth, because to make things you need raw materials, and the more stuff you do, the more you need. Now the stuff you make things out of is mostly not inexhaustible, so that someday the human stands and wonders, that there is nothing left to do things and those who want them are incensed that there are no things done anymore they can buy, just to put them next to everyone else they have and do not need. But you can be angry if you are inhibited in his consumerism. Also, in his things-making obsession. As you can say, this benefit has the human.

Of course, that’s too brief, because so far, I’ve only talked about non-renewable raw materials. But man does not think so briefly. He also saw through that there are source materials that are reproducible, that can be reproduced so infinitely and inexhaustibly that you can make things out of them for all eternity and in all quantities. Maybe then we are even so kind to give something away to those who have none of it, but only in the most extreme emergency and when we have so much stuff that one gets tired of one or the other, also because they are no longer in line with the trend. Before he throws it away, however. That’s better, because if I do not have any more, then no one else. So, the series continues, doing things and buying things and throwing things away. As a result, more and more starting materials are needed that are well reproducible, but even exceed the reproductive forces of the earth, more and more energy is consumed, which harms the climate, more and more money is spent on the produced things that you have to earn by you do other things to throw them away at the end, so that we gradually turn the earth into one big garbage dump.

Nevertheless, humans see no reason to restrict themselves in their own reproduction, because every corner must be populated and equipped with things makers. It is getting tighter and tighter; the land and resources are getting scarcer. That is why, in addition to all the things for personal use or production, man does things to kill one another. That, too, is good business in the first place. And to promote the sale of these things, he invented two more things. On the one hand the war, in which these things are consumed to kill in enormous proportions and the fear of the others who want to take something away, so that these war things are hoarded. Just in case. And if everything is broken after the war, then you can build. Do everything again from the beginning, especially new things. Since you can really be proud of yourself, on its genus and species and type as a human. The crown of creation. The primate with the biggest brain. And with a thumb.

Seen in this light, I have to revise my thesis on the meaninglessness and uselessness of man. He has one to destroy himself and the only hope is that he will do it soon.

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