Life is too short for boring stories

“I am the way, the truth and the life”, John (14,6) says in his Gospel Jesus. The way we go, the truth we proclaim and the life we should respect. But most Christians, whether in the hierarchy up or down, do not care. But what do Christians have to do with Jesus? Aha, he went the way? That can be, but that is too much trouble for me. They hear the message, every Sunday, leave the church and do it very differently. For what lines their way is mendacity and death.

It was Abraham to whom God himself demanded a sacrifice. At first it looked as if Abraham had to offer his son Isaac. But at the last moment, God had changed his mind and a ram was executed. The question still remains as to why God should ask to kill a creature of His creation, but it is definitely meant as an indication that the human sacrifice period has been abolished and animal sacrifices are now taking its place. An advance, albeit a questionable one. The hierarchy is cemented. God demands, as man describes it, and the good man obeys, who sees the animal as a matter of course as a commodity to which he may take his life, for whatever reason. For taking someone else’s life, for no reason and for your own benefit, can find no other justification than the self-possession of the other creatures. Ultimately, the basic tenor is always the continuation of the hierarchical structures, until they have become so deeply rooted that no question is asked.

And then came one who went out to question exactly who did not put the free man in the foreground, but women and men, no matter what social status they belonged or which ethnic group they attributed themselves. He was and is one of them. He came to them and did not turn anyone away. On the contrary, he agreed that there was no difference in quality when attacked. In all that he did, he exempted the allegedly God-given order and sided with the poor and weak and disenfranchised. He showed the hypocritical hypocrisy hidden behind the facade of morality and decency. The curtain in the temple tore, symbolizing the removal of the blanket spread over the carefully guarded secrets of a corrupt society, about abuse of power, violence and pederasty. And he called himself Jesus, the Christ. But at last he completed what was opened with Abraham, the period of animal sacrifice. Because he himself was the lamb, the last lamb to be slaughtered. In him the hierarchical order was abolished and was to be destroyed forever. It should only give more life, because he himself had taken the death representative and overcome. At least every year at Easter, this part of the message is proclaimed. The lamb that was slaughtered for us, that we find life and freedom. Every year it is told, but apparently not heard, and when it is heard, it is not understood.

Because the message of life, without hierarchy and in freedom for all, already disappears when leaving the church. Officers are higher than normal believers, believers higher than unbelievers, men higher than women, and people higher than animals. As a matter of course, the sacrifice that Jesus made with himself is destroyed, destroyed and reduced to absurdity. Instead of accepting the hand of accepting the love that embraces the whole of creation, it continues to be vigorously raped, murdered and abused, even in his name. And yet it is easy for them to benevolently tap themselves on the shoulders and to praise themselves for what good people and Christians they are. They have just arrived in the history of Abraham, if not fallen behind. People who do not fit into the picture, for whatever reason, are sacrificed and destroyed. Not on an altar, but through exclusion and marginalization.

The sacrificial Lamb, the last one that does not require another sacrifice, but opens the all-encompassing freedom to live, is and will be ignored, right where it is constantly being spread. And so, the feast, which should be that of life, is an orgy of bloodlust and annihilation, the destruction of families, in which millions of mothers’ children are taken away, both born and unborn. And the worst part is, you do not even see it. And as Jesus rises from his grave, you turn your body into a grave, your fellow creatures and, ultimately, his. This is the true Easter.

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