Life is too short for boring stories

Unexpectedly, as so often, Mrs. Pospischil and Mrs. Navratil meet in the marketplace of John Q. Public City. However attentive Ms. Pospischil may be, she has seen the impending disaster too late and was unable to escape. Sighing, she succumbed to the inevitable

Mrs. Navratil: Hello, Mrs. Pospischil. What am I looking forward to seeing you!
Mrs. Pospischil: Hello, Mrs. Navratil. I would be happy to say that too.
Mrs. Navratil: Yes, well, well, but I have a concern.
Mrs. Pospischil: What is it about?
Mrs. Navratil: Well, you know how good it is with dogs, as I’ve heard, and now it’s like that, Franzi

Mrs. Pospischil: A dog?
Mrs. Navratil: No, my eldest daughter. Well, she’s moved out now, and the other one, well, anyway,

I’m so lonely at home now, and so many have a dog, and my neighbor, who has one, such a

sweet, I’ll tell you that, you should see him, as adorable as he always tweaks her in the heel,

but very tenderly …
Mrs. Pospischil: And she needs advice on education?
Mrs. Navratil: But no, he is educated.
Mrs. Pospischil: As you can hear.
Mrs. Navratil: Well, I need some advice, I want a dog.
Mrs. Pospischil: Why?
Mrs. Navratil: Well, because then I’m not alone and then I can take care of myself. And then I go

for a walk. And the Wuff next to me, and then we go to the cafe, and the Wuff next to me,

and then I sit in the evening watching TV, and the Wuff next to me …
Mrs. Pospischil: And what do you want from me?
Ms. Navratil: What kind of dog should I take?
Mrs. Pospischil: That depends entirely on you. How should he be?
Mrs. Navratil: Cute and cuddly.
Mrs. Pospischil: Cute and cuddly? So a longhair dog.
Mrs. Navratil: But no, what do you think, for God’s sake, my husband, he has that thing, this allergy

Mrs. Pospischil: So, a short-haired dog?
Ms. Navratil: Well, but not too short, maybe with a bow tie, because of the guy. That’s so cute.

That’s the opposite.
Mrs. Pospischil: The neighbor?
Mrs. Navratil: The dog, this is a male. You, Mrs. Krawani, I said, the male, who is laughed at by  

the other dogs with the bow tie.
Mrs. Pospischil: And then she gave it to him?
Mrs. Navratil: No, because she says she has not heard a dog laugh. But every kid knows that ….
Mrs. Pospischil: …. dogs cannot laugh.
Mrs. Navratil: Oh, where do you think that dogs are so considerate not to make fun of it.
Mrs. Navratil: SSo,a short-haired dog with a head, maybe a poodle.
Mrs. Pospischil: But are not they getting terribly dirty?
Mrs. Navratil: Only when they go out. What do you want to do with the dog?
Mrs. Pospischil: I already told you to go for a walk and cuddle and love and …
Mrs. Navratil: Then I have the perfect dog for you.
Mrs. Pospischil: Really? You make me so happy, where the Franzi …. Where do you have him?
Mrs. Navratil: Right here.
Mrs. Pospischil: How here? But there is no dog at all.
Mrs. Navratil: Yes, look. – and she puts a stuffed dog in her hand.
Mrs. Pospischil: He is really adorable, but he has a mistake.
Mrs. Navratil: And that would be?
Mrs. Pospischil: The bow tie is missing.


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