Life is too short for boring stories

With all naturalness. So it was to share everything, including housework. Jesus, Mary and me. All the little things that are done because they are to be made. Rinse the tea cups e.g. Because you want to fill them again. Clean up the kitchen and the rest of the house. There were no discussions. It just happened. Everyone at his own discretion, and if that is the right thing to do, it will work. Just as it was not questioned to retire, if you wanted that. Jesus, Mary or me. To take care of Hope and her babies, to give them a name.
„You have to pay attention when you give a name,“ said Mary, „expectations are linked to that. Directions are given that may not fit. Consumption for one’s own wishes.“
And so it was that Jesus called the little boy Joy, because he constantly challenged the sisters to play. Maria called the one girl Sunny because she seemed to her like a ray of sunshine, also because of the light speckles in the otherwise dark fur and I gave the second sister the name Grace, because she was the quietest, but in this calmness emitted a security, as if they are aware of having already got to know life from their dark and bright side.

„The dark and the bright side of life,“ Jesus recited as we sat on the couch, as so often after work, after a walk, after dinner, or just after, while the dogs slept soundly, snuggling close together signaling to each other that they were there, „Like the dark and the bright side of love, unity and intimacy, conflict and the unknown. Both sides belong to each other, as the day to night, as the light to the shadow, as the life to the death, as the beginning to the end, as the joy to the pain, as the laughter to the crying, as the awake to sleep, as the deed to the thought, as the real to the dream … „
„Like Lilith to Eve,“ said Mary, in the midst of the sentence of the poetic twirls of boughs, which I was a little sorry for, as I wanted to know how many of those Jesus would have enumerated, diametrically opposed, yet connected.
„No, Lilith and Eve are not opposites,“ Jesus countered very directly, „Lilith is the contradiction in itself. Eve is nothing more than the colorless, cushioned imitation of her predecessor, the exiled. What’s left when you remove everything from Lilith, which is especially scary for men.“
„So the real contradiction that complements and makes you whole, man and woman,“ I picked up the thread and spun it on, „in all their specificities they belong together.“
„No, not at all,“ Jesus also contradicted me, „In every human being, whether a woman or a man, indeed in every living being, the opposites are present, as the coming into being at birth and leaving the day death, alertness during the day, and silent rest at night, but also all the possibilities of pain or healing. The whole is in each individual. „
„And then what is good for one another? Why is it written that the man is looking for his wife to be with her? „Maria interposed, justified, as I said.
„It’s not about a need that results from life, but about a fixed order, about structure,“ Jesus explained amused, „where a man and a woman found a family, then you know, and in the case with the authority, in whatever form, meant, who knows where people live together, where they have their children, where they manage their property. It brings peace and order to the people. Responsibility makes you dependable. To feed the family, to get the property. It’s all about this. But if one says to this man now, you carry all potential, to everything in you, then he is not dependent on this one form of togetherness. Then he devises other possibilities.“

„And Lilith knew that, Lilith lived it and wanted to pass it on,“ I went on musingly, thinking of this beautiful, strong woman who was a demon in the annals. There was a first idea why that had happened, but not enough. „
„Lilith, the dark-haired and dark-eyed beauty, the temptress as she was portrayed, is still showing her power, but most of all, she poses a danger because where she appears, even in seemingly innocuous stories, of she is questioned, she questions the order, the structures, the power structures. Actually, Lilith was the first anarchist, an anarchist driven by an all-embracing love,“ Jesus replied softly, his words showing a deep bond with this extraordinary woman, „Lilith was and is the all-loving, yes, she is love that works with all its might, for life. Like a storm and a breath, like a fire and a flame, it is connected to life with all its strength, because life is born of love and love is alive, like two rose-tendrils, which interweave one another until no more can distinguish which one is and which one is the other. Where they are separated, both die. Love. The life. What remains is mediocrity, shallowness, boredom and indifference, as well as life and love. It is replaced by the institution and the regulations. That’s why Lilith left. She had no more space and no authorization. It was too narrow for the all-encompassing. She wanted to show nothing but Adam, how much color and joy and desire life carries in itself and can be brought to development. It was the unfolding, and it is. So full of energy and spirit of discovery, so full of dedication and zeal for learning, she challenged Adam to become more and more. But he felt threatened and overwhelmed. It was all too much, what she wanted from him, yes demanded. For his sake, she wanted and demanded. ‚Become what you are,‘ she told him. But he retired in his fear, remained passive and indifferent. That made Lilith angry, again for his sake, that he was so far behind and beyond his capabilities. But anger was just a curtain that hid the pain and despair that always go hand in hand with a love that is self-aware, yet unrecognized. The pain and the despair over the lifelessness, the wasted life. Because she also saw what would come. Whoever does not feel connected to life and love in their all-embracing power, who does not get involved in it, loses connectedness, and those who no longer have the attachment to life have no problem with it, to inflict suffering on the living to abuse, rape, exploit and kill. He does not feel the pain because it is not his. It does not happen out of bad will, but out of mere inability. Lilith left because it was getting too tight for her because she had no room. Maybe she had given up too fast. Maybe she should have asked. But what should these attempts be, where she saw that she had lost. That’s why she went and got damned. For fear the liveliness could return. She, the immortal, also returns, in all those who have regained the bond with life, with love. It is dangerous because it questions and does not allow it to be accepted, which is supposedly valid on its own, invoking the Forever, concealing the nothingness. The life-interwoven love, the life woven with love. Shattering the foundations of comfort and well-being and mediocrity.“
„That’s why Eve came,“ Mary went on, „Eva, as a guarantor of safety and reliability in the traditional way. And to make sure that she was succumbing to her inferior role, she was denounced a sin, a violation, again to the community she was never going to get rid of. The guilt she has to bear from the beginning to the present day is what keeps her at bay. Although she sometimes craves, but ultimately it remains a storm in a glass of water. Nobody takes her seriously. Not even she herself. Only when she discovers the power of the Lilith in herself and rejects the alleged guilt, only then she becomes a danger and fights. But neither life nor love can be crushed because they embrace it again. Because they are everything.“
„And where love and life are in that bond, Christmas can make sense,“ I added. And the day went as it had come.


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