Life is too short for boring stories

Pippa was now 14 years old and knew about the manner of reproduction in mammals. So, it was clear she needed a male and a female if she wanted to have babies, but when she came home from school that Wednesday morning, earlier than planned, she was wronged. The first thing she noticed was that Lilly was not expecting her at the gate, though she had noticed that Pippa was coming. So, she went to the stable. Maybe Lilly had hurt herself and could not get up, but what she saw there made her speechless.

What should be the task of a tight boar, was taken over by a human man in a white coat. He had put a strange frame on the four-legged girls and the seed flowed from a vial into the vagina. Pippa wanted to tear everything away and throw it at the man, but she might have hurt her friends. Instead, she just asked:
„Is it really fun to play the rapist?“, Whereupon the man turned slowly, looking at her, made of meaningless, watery, pale blue eyes, shaking his head wearily.
„I just do my job, just like everyone else,“ he said, continuing to do his torture exercises.
„Exciting to call rape work now,“ Pippa did not relent, in which the anger bubbled, like in a pressure cooker, which was about to explode, but at that moment Pippa’s mother came in, and pulled her away from the stable, across the yard to the kitchen.
„How can you let that happen?“ Pippa asked stunned.
„It’s the cheapest option,“ her mother told her, „and if we do not save where we can, it does not bring anything. I wish it was possible otherwise. „
„But it’s not just, it’s possible!“, Pippa replied triumphantly. Not because she knew she was right, but because she could show her mother a way that led her out of the wheel of anguish and misery, into a reality of life where all the living beings living together on this farm could be happy.
„And how is that supposed to look like?“ Her mother asked as she sat down wearily on the corner seat.
„You know the farm from the Bleibtreus? The animals are all allowed to live happily,“ said Pippa. Of course, her mother knew about it. Who is not in place? But further, they did not touch on, because those were the new-fangled stuff, the newcomers, who had nothing better to do, than anything that was previously taken for granted in the place, pulled in the dirt and modernized. There was neither tradition nor custom. The Bleibtreus themselves were a settled family, but the Maria now with the Vegan Hotel and the Sanctuary had moved far away from the village community. She attributed that to herself, because that was not what you did.
„They are easy, they have the hotel, but what should we live from then? Have you thought about it before?“, her mother asked, and it was Pippa, as if she really wanted to have an answer, because she was looking for a way out of this wheel, which inevitably meant suffering and abuse. And Pippa actually had an answer.
„There is a farm in Styria, they grow herbs and live well,“ Pipa replied accordingly. „And you know so well about herbs. All the things you do with it, medicine and cosmetics. Why not do it on business? „

And Pippa’s mother not only thought about it, she put it into action. While Pippa lay in the grass, scratching Lilly’s belly, one could buy the most different products from herbs under the name „Sophies herbs – wisdom from nature“ for sale. The business went well. Better than expected. Not only were they able to live on it, it was not even noticeable that Pippa’s dad made his escape during that time because he no longer felt like a man in the house making the living. It had not come unexpectedly, but he had at least had so much decency to stay so long until the family was financially independent, so without him, could keep afloat. Pippa and her brothers had not noticed much, after their father had shone mostly with absence. What’s more, Pippa even had the impression that it was a relief to her mother, because now she did not have to support him as well. Only when the sun had set did Lilly get up clumsily and retire to the stable while Pippa went to her room. How long would it take Lilly to give birth to her babies?


2 Gedanken zu “The girl who loved the pigs (2)

  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    And the story continues….

    Question… when you say „You know the farm from the Bleibtreus? The animals are all allowed to live happily,“ See them on a farm is itself restrictive. And to say that „are allowed“ means that there is someone who allows… who can by definition „not“ allow.

    just a thought….

    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      The right question for someone who eats meet from factoryfarming. No animal will be inprisoned any longer if you would stop it. Animals are things in the Perspektive of the law. So answer it yourself.

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