Life is too short for boring stories

A small town in Franconia, with a medieval-looking city center, dignified half-timbered houses and cobblestones, which again and again presents a challenge for high-heeled lady. The name is Kronach, and if you ever visit the Franconian, you will not regret it to make a detour there. In this picturesque village there is a gallery, which is also a bar, or vice versa, as you like. This is led by the painter Martin Ludwig, from which this symbiosis results almost organically. Homely is the place and inviting. If you enter the spacious, winding backyard, you feel invited and familiar, until you find yourself again at the small pond. Beach chairs offer to stay there and to enjoy the clear starry sky. Or the sunshine. Depending on the time of day.

In April 2018 we had the pleasure to get to know this place. Back then we were reading, in the open air, from a common erotic book „The banana does not peel itself alone“, and we were received so warmly and openly that we decided to repeat it on occasion. Now the opportunity arose, but this time with a different role allocation as the duo, which makes „Reading & Songs of Love & Life“, responsible for the reading and my partner for the songs.

Habitually, even to give ourselves the opportunity to tune in, we are just under an hour before the start of the scene. Everything is set up and prepared. Still drink something in peace. To perceive and accept the environment, which is particularly easy in this case. Little by little the guests arrive. We decide to start fifteen minutes later, there is no hurry. We also want to give those the opportunity to arrive, which always appear in the last minute. I know that very well. Especially by myself. Then calm comes. The greeting. The selection of stories and songs is great. We decide spontaneously, out of the situation. According to our current opinion, the reaction of the guests we perceive. Dive into my stories to really bring them closer. Wear me with the music that so beautifully complements the stories, too. I lose track of time, go back to the situations in which I have written the stories, in my feelings of that time, read, because I want to introduce you. Then it becomes authentic and can reach the listeners. Being there, with everything I am, there, in the middle of everything in that happening, without losing the connection. Always a tightrope act. Not staying where it was, and yet being there.

Until the moment I close the manuscript, as we leave our place to the public to seek, find, be searched, and found conversations, when I learn that my stories touched, stimulated, not just for reflection but also to dream, then it has been a successful evening for me. Then what I do makes sense to me. And I’m starting to look forward to the next evening, where I can tell my stories, on my next visit to this magical location.

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