Life is too short for boring stories

fbm6I had imagined that I would be fascinated, impressed, if not overwhelmed. 2,000,000 books and many, many people, but I found none of this, but rather noticed that I was enervated and annoyed. Automatically I thought so much printed paper. Who should read this please? And there is the normal average consumer through? Just to get a market overview, you have to spend so much time that probably no time for reading itself remains. But to avoid this, you have the so-called experts, who are the first to get an overview of the market and the new releases, in order to be able to help the customers accordingly.

Well, they still exist, the small booksellers who are heart and soul in the thing, and the squaring of the circle, even if she has only halfway an overview. It is even difficult in niches. Apart from the fact that there are more and more consumers who go to the relevant bookseller, to get comprehensive advice to order from Amazon. But even stationary chains always stick to the bestsellers and neglect the balance. Better safe than sorry. Of course, security is good, but as soon as you rely more on what is created by the publishers as a bestseller, you are very fast in the 08/15 league. Of course, every bookseller can order any book, but where does the flair of go through and browse, spontaneously discover and buy? Does anyone have the time? I have it, now and then. I do not buy shoes for that, or only if I cannot help it.

Mature consumers are welcome to make their own decision and take responsibility for it. But there is hardly a chance to make independent decisions. Most do not want it either. Man is a herd animal and likes to follow a bellwether. Books do not necessarily appeal to them because they really like you, but because so many say they are, that’s a good book. If I do not like it now, then something can be wrong with my taste. So, I say in case of doubt, I like it, until I am convinced of it and in the episode without the whisper of another does not know what I like. You could also be against the opinion of others, just like that, without being allowed to play particularly. But in general, only the experts have the right to do so. But who is an expert? The readers, in their own reality of life, in their reception of the read. Even there a certain form of independent thinking would not be bad. No one is forced to hang on the big bell. One thing is for sure, many of those who now have their place in the highly honored canon of world literature would probably have been rejected by most of these snippets. But without a certain amount of daring and courage for the new, the extraordinary and the special, there is only the repetition of the eternally equal. And even the best plagiarism remains a plagiarism, it may still be so sophisticated and subtle.

All this I think as I crowd through the crowds until I reach the place where my books are standing, and immediately all the hatred and frustration about developments that I can neither change nor influence, disappears outside my modest framework. And in their place are love and lust, the love in the „Stories about love and other peculiarities“ and the desire in „The banana peels not alone“, which I was allowed to write together with a partner. There I sit with my works, observe strangers who pass by, probably also one or the other stops and looks closer. I flick through the catalog and read through the descriptions, wondering how many they are, who are like me. And at that moment this seems to me the best of all possibilities, even with the ticket bought, though in the overall package because I am there, surrounded by the many hopes and dreams that probably harbors everyone who publishes a book to the public to a certain degree. It’s just good to be here. What will happen shows the future.

2 Gedanken zu “Love & Pleasure – Hate & Frustration: A small retrospective on the Frankfurt Book Fair (2)

  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    In reading this piece i was thinking about the market place… you hope it is about good literature…. but it is a market.

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    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      That’s right. We know, but I never lost my illusions. As at my activists work.


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