Life is too short for boring stories

„The premiere was really impressive. The sketching of the characters, which plays a particularly important role in this piece … „, I could just say to a well-known director, as a certain lady, who was already particularly pleasant memories of other events, threw me suddenly and sustained,
„Was not last week’s premiere of your new play?“, which not only said she had not been there, which was both a compliment and a joy to the director, but that she did not realize she was engaged in a conversation was bound. This bond capped that lady with unusual grace by interposing herself, so that the gaze was locked on each other. Automatically, I took a step back, so I left her the field and decided to first go to an observation post, especially since even this was interesting at the party of this friend. And I did not fail to notice that that lady distinguished herself two more times in the same way, before she unexpectedly came to my side, smiling, because she could not help herself, but that is and remains pure speculation. However, beyond any speculation, I have never turned her upside down and seen her with that completely unattended smile, which of course does not mean she could not help herself. Only that I did not know it and can neither confirm nor deny it.
„The host is your friend after all?“, she began without ado, pardon, in passing now to make me happy with her attention.
„He’s not my friend,“ I explained in that calmness that I was used to explaining to my children when they were about five, which was repeated at puberty, „but a friend, albeit – admittedly – one very good.“
„Then you can certainly help me,“ she continued, and I had no intention of interrupting, „He’s so charming and knows something positive for everyone.“
„What do you mean?“, I asked now, because it had just slipped out of me. How many times I had already cursed my good upbringing, but it was pointless, it just sat too deep in me. Nobody can escape himself. Me neither.
„Well, if you observe that, then he knows about a promotion or another success, there of a personal event. Anyway, he meets everyone, as if he’s interested in their lives,“ she explained, prompting me again to resist.
„Not like he does, he really does,“ I stated firmly and correctly.
„And that’s where I asked myself the question,“ she continued, unflustered and unflinching, „what if there’s someone about whom there’s absolutely nothing to say.“
„No, that does not exist!“, I defended decidedly and vehemently.
„Imagine there was someone so vain and meaningless and whose life is so uneventful and trivial that there is nothing to say,“ she persisted.
„I do not even want to imagine!“, I decided just as clearly.
„Imagine does not hurt,“ she said nonetheless.
„You mean such a social nobody, such a helpless creature that there is absolutely nothing and not even to say that?“, I wanted to know now.
„Exactly!“, she confirmed.
„And what about such a person?“ I asked.
„What does he say to this person?“ she added.
„Woman or man?“, I wanted to know.
„Woman,“ she replied.
„Well, I think he would tell her she’s pretty,“ I guessed, as the host came to us in person. First, he greeted my interlocutor.
„Glad you came,“ he said smiling as he shook her hand.
„I am also happy to be here,“ she replied as she watched him intently.
„You look especially pretty tonight,“ he went on, whereupon his interlocutor turned so red that I involuntarily had to think of a crab that had been thrown alive in hot water and left the scene with fleeing flags. Silently we looked after her, whereupon he turned to me.
„Can it be that you are a little bit vicious?“ he asked me, examining me attentively.
„As long as you do not tell me that I’m pretty, everything is fine,“ I replied. He frowned at me.
„You’re a lot, but you’re not pretty,“ he confirmed, and then he hugged me, „and now we want to enjoy the party.“ What else could I do but be obedient.


3 Gedanken zu “If you are nothing else, you have to be pretty

  1. robertomuffoletto sagt:

    The pretty shall rule the world!

    1. novels4utoo sagt:

      Of course, and only the blonde

  2. Equipping sagt:

    Your discussion, about the discussion, left me with many thoughts. The hardest one dealt with your words, „a crab that had been thrown alive in hot water.“ That, and other illustrations of the same setting, left me with a horrible feeling. I am feeling that way more often now than ever in my past. You story is good. You have a wonderful way of expressing your thoughts. Life, however, is hard to ignore.

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