Life is too short for boring stories

„I must leave the city, no, that is not enough, I have to leave the country, even better, to another continent, where nobody knows me, where I can live undisturbed with Barnabas,“ I spontaneously dismissed unannounced in Dana’s office, throwing the pack of fan mails on the table. It already had something theatrical. Dana watched slowly from her desk and looked at me, then at the package with letters, then at me again. Mara stepped from behind and glanced over her shoulder.

„But if you get fan mail, then you cannot escape your followers,“ she said smugly, and even if I had understood the undertone, I was much too angry to worry about it.

„So you see that?“ I replied, turning to Mara, so that she could not miss a single look of my rage-spattering glances. „You were also laughing easily, because you do not have to read these scoundrels. And that is not all, the whole thing is also by mail, on the social platforms and by telephone. Day and night I will be scolded, and I have done nothing else but to be happy and recommend it. „

„That was also very good of you,“ Mara replied calmly, „That has brought us enormous sales. The boy, like no other product, is sold quite well, and that’s what we have to thank you for the most part, my respect. „

„You’re always thinking about the profit, but it’s shit like I’m doing!“ I insulted.

„Now let’s leave the church in the village and St. Peter’s in Rome. As we all know, it has always been the case that not everyone has had a good time when something has changed in life, especially when many people feel that they were foul treated. Actually, we should have expected that the men do not just accept it and do not want to be bothered by dolls. However, I must confess that I did not think that he would run so well, our boy. I would have typed that he is only taken by women who are alone, and as soon as a real man enters their lives, he would not be needed any more, but this is obviously not the case. Many men have been thrown out of an existing relationship overnight and replaced by our boy. This is a hard hit for the ego, „summarized Dana razor-sharp.

„But perhaps the gentlemen should rather think about what it is that they can be so easily replaced, and that also by a doll,“ I responded accordingly.

„Of course, that would be the approach a rational man would set, but men who feel offended in their honor are not rational, but are obviously seeking a reason to divert them from their own failure, and they find this reason in you,“ Mara remarked.

„With this, they imply to their wives that they blindly follow my recommendations without even thinking that they can only imitate everything, and if I am eliminated, that would be done by itself,“ I tried to summarize.

„It will be like her thoughts,“ Dana said loudly. „The press and politics have already embraced this issue, and, of course, the church, which speaks of perversion, but that is already well-known. Nevertheless, it is up to us to protect Sandra, and the image. I think it’s time to get on ourr feet. Perhaps this is finally a way to achieve solidarity among women, because many of them do not want to do without their boy. „

I and Mara looked at Dana expectantly, to design a common battle plan.


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