Life is too short for boring stories

„Well, shoot what’s on your mind,“ David Kernlos asked Adam Adamovic, when they met,  finally escaped from the office, as they did every evening in the pub.

„Why do I actually have to start talking? You’ve got a shit, too, as you said, „Adam replied defiantly, taking the first sip of his beer.

„Probably because I find it strange to talk with another man about relationship problems,“ said David musing. No, it was really not his kind, nor perhaps his friend’s, and, as he thought, not the nature of any man. This is simply not the case, because men have no relationship problems, at least they do not admit it, and those who do it are not real men. Among men, serious problems, wrongly given red cards, the temperature of the beer or the horsepower that the car has under the hood, but certainly not about relationships, but that was a special case, and as much as David urged to talk with his friend, it was so difficult for him. It seemed to him as if all the words had suddenly been lost, but Adam came to help him.

„My girlfriend left me,“ he pushed out between his lips, „Or better, she kicked me out. After all, it was her apartment. „

„Mine, too,“ David continued, obviously relieved, that he apparently was not the only one such things happen to. Both of them, Adam and he, they were, after all, pretty, pathetic fellows. Of course, they were drinking a beer from time to time, but they also worked to provide their girlfriends with something. But they would probably be able to spend an evening among men.

„And blame is this stupid bird with her book,“ Adam continued carefully.

„What’s her name again, oh, Dana Landweg, recommends a boy, a doll,“ added David, „Did your girl read it too?“

„Not merely read, devoured, and then, then…“ It was still difficult, but the thought of replacing him, a man, a real, simple man with a doll, but saying things by the name, that was yet another caliber.

„Then you’re replaced by a boy,“ David finished the sentence, for Boy, that sounded somehow after the right opponent, better than doll ever.

„Exactly, and then the bitch says that he has more to offer than I do,“ Adam snorted loudly as he emptied his beer and ordered another, „I want to know what he can, what I cannot!“

„Supposedly he listens, and is so terribly empathetic and does not always hang out in the pubs, at least said mine,“ David replied, glad to be able to concentrate on his rage because that was a little pain. He really liked his girlfriend. Forever, he wanted to be with her, found a family and all that. With her, and only with her, he could have imagined it, and then such a discharge. More than the violation of his pride, his wounded heart ached, but he had never learned to deal with such a wound. Anger and aggression, yes he knew, but this type of wounding could not be beaten out and he could not force her to stay with him. But his life since then seemed shallow and pointless. When the two men left the pub at dawn, they were sure they had to do something against such injustice. What this endeavor should look like, they would think about if they were sober.


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