Life is too short for boring stories

“Well, I’ve supported your comic researches over the years …” Mara Feringer began, her voice sounding anxious, anxious for calm, but she was already interrupted.

“Supported? You did not just not support me, you also let me feel what you think of it, that’s nothing, “Dana Landweg replied, less anxious, at least anxious to sound calm. Her eyes seemed to shoot small arrows at her girlfriend and fellow-competitor of the first hour. The small, puppet-like figure with the long black hair and the energetic appearance that no one believed her when he saw her for the first time seemed as fragile as she was.

“So well, but I gave you your head at least,” Mara Feringer decided in a tone that made Dana know that another response had a devastating effect, “but I thought for all the time that it was just your gimmick spleen. But now you really want to go to the market? Have you really thought about the consequences of this step? Have you actually thought of anything? “

“We have set ourselves the goal of satisfying the needs of women, and we do nothing else. You’ll see, it’ll be a sales slump! “Dana said.

“So you mean that any woman would be willing to pay for a man, nothing more than a man, where she gets them for free anyway?”, Mara was convinced.

“That is the highlight. The man himself is free, including necessary maintenance and updates. By the way, it’s not a man but a boy, “Dana said, smiling.

“And what do we deserve?” Mara swerved immediately.

“On the use,” replied Dana, “It works like any other coin-operated machine. The installation is free, only the electricity the customer has to pay himself, and the coins to take the boy in operation, they buy with us, alternatively in stock. Once he runs, we deserve. “

“But from such a boy is more expected than from a drinks machine?”, Mara still showed skeptical but apparently finally interested.

“This boy is equipped with the highest quality technology. He learns to be in contact, and can react accordingly. Its sensors function like normal sense organs. He sees, hears and feels, and everything he takes over the sensors is stored and assigned, so that the woman has to appear like a normal acquaintance, with only the difference that this boy is never lacking in concentration and never disinterested. It really takes everything and saves it, so that over time a complete picture emerges. At some point, he knows so much that he can fulfill her wishes before she pronounces them. “

“And what does the business cost?” Mara asked.

“Well, there are three different coins, one, two and five euros. He works for ten minutes for one euro. The woman can therefore decide for herself how long she wants to deal with him. If she has but little time and wants company, e.g. at breakfast, she throws a euro, and if she wants to spend a romantic evening with him, she also invests ten euros. After an average couple spends about 30 minutes a day, she costs three euros a day. Less than she would have to invest for food. And if she does not want to, then she simply turns him off. She can always go away whenever she wants without seeing where he’s coming, “Dana said, obviously pleased with herself.

“That sounds really paradise,” Mara notes thoughtfully, “But if that were true, would anyone want a normal, living man?”


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