Life is too short for boring stories

“Before I tell you more details, I would be interested in why you had registered for our listing, since the text was not very meaningful. As you have seen, our call has not been followed by many ladies, “Dana Landweg asked me straight out.

“It was something that aroused my curiosity, and as I knew it was a serious company, I was convinced that I could give that curiosity without hesitation,” I said.

“Well, then I would like to offer you our offer,” suggested Dana Landweg, “We have developed a doll that can do anything a woman generally wants from a man, of course, without the unpleasant side effects. This doll is operated with coins so that it can be quasi-quenched as long as it is not needed. I myself have invested ten years of research into this project. Now we have finally succeeded in showing a usable prototype which is not yet tested, so that it would be your task to perform this test. You would choose from the catalog the type you want. It would be given to you in two weeks, including a monthly deposit of coins, or at least with as many as we thought that would be needed for a month. They should then thoroughly test him and precisely document their experiences. For this you get € 2,000, – for this one month. What do you think?”

“It sounds very tempting, but I can not imagine that a doll can replace a real human being, that it is really useful,” I admit, “I mean, I know only those dolls who can say a few words And a few other things, but it can not have been. “

“You are quite right, that would be far too little. You will see, our boy works quite differently. He can really do everything, so we think at least what a normal man of a woman offers in normal life, perhaps even a little more, I dare to assert,” Dana Landweg replied, and I thought that would probably be very far-fetched.

“And if he does not like me, if the expectations are not met, can I say that as frankly and return him?” I asked suspiciously.

“You may not just, you should,” Dana Landweg immediately, “because before we released him to the market, we really have to be sure that he works.”

“Then I’ll be there,” I explained willingly. It really sounded after easy earned money. After signing the contract, Dana Landweg introduced me a small catalog, from which I put together my personal boy to try out. I chose a slim type with black hair, slightly grayed at the temples and with green eyes. Then I filled out an endless form with my data before I left the office with the smile that the lady had borne before me.

During the next two weeks my mood swayed markedly, between great anticipation and abject mistrust. After all, I was now twenty-five, already had some relationship behind me, and was right now glad to have this behind me. As a matter of fact, I had the idea of ​​having a man, whom I could switch on and off at will, something tempting on the one hand. On the other hand, it also had something bizarre, if not terrifying. Then it was finally time. When I opened the door on that Saturday morning, there were two men with a big package. They brought me my boy.


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