Life is too short for boring stories

There is much discussion, sometimes thoughtful and constructive, sometimes full of zeal, even missionary, and impulsive, but it happens. Because we live in a democracy and have freedom of expression, can say what we want, where and whenever we want. There are also no taboos and no hot iron that should not be touched because we live in a secular, enlightened society. Why, then, do we allow it to be drummed into beliefs that no one questions, because that’s the way it is? Why only we let ourselves, shamelessly, on beside scenes, up to the presidential election and opera ball, deport and do not question it? Because we are practiced, in obedience and subservience.

We believe in capitalism and the market, which regulates everything and gives everyone the same opportunities. Nevertheless, it has been known for decades that children are stigmatized from the first moment of their lives, through the place of their birth. Of course, nobody can change that, whether someone is a child of a multimillionaire or a welfare recipient, but what could change is the selective choice with entry into the school. The school does not serve education, at most training, but social selection. Who does not have the opportunity to be supported by the parents, has less chances in life. And that does not mean the tutoring sessions, but rather the normal way of dealing with normal life in an academic household or another. Instead of having the goal to give all the tools that children need for a self-determined life, social selection, subservience and avoidance of mistakes are the norms. Instead of devoting oneself to the child, one dedicates oneself to the bureaucracy. Writing, reading, arithmetic and independent thinking, that would be the minimum. No student should leave school without having these skills. But there is no interest in that. Rather, obedient, submissive citizens are consulted. And it seems to be good. That is why the children of those who are doing it today will continue to be on the levers of power tomorrow, and the army of educational losers will continue to grow. Because there are no more jobs for those who do not have the appropriate qualifications. We know all that, and yet, we do not change it.

It lacks the political will, they say. The parties will not agree. For years, if not for decades, a school reform is debated, but there are no results. That is how it is presented to us, but in truth the political will is clear. And just because there is unity, nothing changes. Because everything should stay as it is. Leave the children in school barracks, with precisely regulated times for all activities. In a free country, the schools are the last place where I can say someone with impunity when he has to do his job. But it should stay that way. Obedience, allegiance to disciples, bureaucratic burdens and frustrates teachers. That’s the way it fits, because if that were not the case, then they might come up with the idea that they can no longer put up with this form of democracy as we practice it, with honey voted on the vet every five years, until it sinks the voice in the urn, so that the elected people can spend the next five years amicably. You have to accept that. No, you do not have to. More direct democracy, more opportunities for the sovereign to be heard and to intervene in a corrective way. Then again there would be the interest to deal with political issues and to contribute to the democratic process. And the parasites of our society could no longer live like the maggots in bacon.


There are, parasites in our society, and I think of all those who earn a lot and whose activities not only have no use for society, but even harm it. Hedge fund managers for example. Cadgers, the economy and society decompose, after successful work with horrendous clearances pull off and leave rubble, the other must reassemble. Managers who are not committed to the company, not the employees or the company, but only the shareholders who want to see more and more profit numbers, expect higher and higher returns and then withdraw the capital from the company. Savings are made to employees, working conditions, wages. And it is accepted well. Because one of the beliefs that we undoubtedly accept is the need for economic growth.

Where should the economy grow? How many resources should be wasted? Who should buy it all? While the salaries of these parasites increase immeasurably, while the large corporations without much elusive avoid the tax burden, every small bill of a small and medium-sized enterprise is scrutinized, each small earner is charged twice, through the deduction of direct taxes and the VAT. For those who earn little, the earned must inevitably invest in consumption. And this consumption costs, not only the value of the product. But large fortunes, large inheritances must not be charged twice. Consolidated profits may only benefit the shareholders. But even a CEO will once avail himself of the services of a nurse who earns a fraction of what he earns, but whose work is much more socially valuable. But above all, all the people in helping and healing professions are immediately called to account if something goes wrong. Responsibility is demanded. But when the parasitic and cancerous tumors of our society sink billions, then responsibility is also demanded, not by those who caused the damage but by the general public.

We are still willing to vote for parties that have policies that make 90% of people poorer and 10% richer. We are still willing to support a form of economy that promotes irresponsibility and destructive anger, and activities that help, heal, support and educate people in the low-wage sector, if not in volunteering. As before, we admit that none of the so-called responsible people really have to take responsibility.

We play with. Against your own interests. Why? Because we have learned to be submissive and obedient. For this we can make a cross every five years. And what do we do in the meantime? Maybe this thought about who President will be.


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