Life is too short for boring stories

Sebastian was thinking hard about what he should do. He did not know it. That did not relieve him of responsibility. “The first time,” he thought involuntarily, “Should not that be something special for a girl?” He had heard of it and even managed to get a vague picture of it, but who really could get into a girl. The nimbus of magic still surrounded this virginity. It was as if he had destroyed something that could not be repaired, never again. Was there anything else to do well? Would not everything change between them? At the thought, his chest tightened. He had just found her. Or she him. It did not matter now, only that he did not want to lose her, not now. At some point, maybe when she realized how much older he was, how different their realities were from each other, someday, but not now. But had not he committed himself, right now, at the moment, committed to her? Or the opposite, let her go immediately? He would never forgive himself for that.

“Why did you stop?”, he heard Sandy’s voice suddenly. She was still soft, but clearly audible.
“Why did I stop? Is that a question?” he asked confused, “If I had known you were still a virgin … “
“What would have happened then?” she interrupted him, and there was no reproach, just that charming smile he loved so much about her.
“Maybe we should have taken more time or so,” he tried to find an answer, “or, well, wait for the right one. But all I know is that I hurt you, and that was the last thing I wanted. “
“That’s probably unavoidable, but that you’re the right one, I knew that from the beginning,” she admitted frankly, “And I was not mistaken, as tender and sensitive as you are. Also, the allegations you make, all that shows that I was right and have. “
“So everything was planned?” he asked.
“Not planned directly. It’s more like that, “she said with a shrug,” It’s so good to be with you. You put me in such high spirits, and when you’re not there, it’s as if something is missing, and when you hugged me and I felt you very close, I felt dizzy and hot and I wanted to nothing but to give me you. And I still do not want anything else. “

He looked at her for a long time as his hand brushed her cheek and held her to his gaze. And he found something in him that told him she was right. Whether planned or unplanned, they had found each other because it should have been. Then she pulled him back to him, completely unmistakable.
“And if you faint again?” he asked, his mouth close to her ear.
“Then you promise me that you just carry on and I fall into a swoon with you in me and wake up with you in me again.”
“And if not?” he continued.
“Do you always have to ask so much,” she countered, and kissing him prevented her from actually asking. Finally, he knew what he had to do.


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