Life is too short for boring stories

„Who does not know them, the pictures of the children with bloated bellies and emaciated extremities? Mostly they are used for donation calls. That makes a bad conscience. The poor, brown babies who cannot help it. This works very well, especially before Christmas. After all, most of us do not have to go hungry,“ said Martinique.
„And on the other hand, we are constantly being told that they are to blame themselves,“ added Christian, „Would not they have so many children and if they were not so lazy and their governments were not so corrupt and they were not constantly waging wars? , then we would not have to donate all the time. They just cannot get their lives under control, despite all the measures we take for them. Even so, we are constantly explaining to them how they have to do it, that someday they will feel just as well as we do. But we are still so generous and give them a little bit of the wealth that we have because we exploit them. It’s a noble move from us. And we carry a big part of the blame. Because modern imperialism is led by the economy. You can officially wash your hands in innocence.“

„But it’s our pollution that makes the poles melt and floods Bangladesh,“ she said.
„It’s our greed for cheap cotton, which in regions makes the water completely disappear, in which it is scarce anyway,“ he said.
„It is our greed for new electronic devices to finance the war in the Congo, even if German companies are officially unrelated to it,“ she added.
„But there are even more subtle ways to be taken, away from the public, in secret, behind closed doors, behind which the fate, life and death of many millions of people is decided. And those who decide have power, but neither conscience nor scruples,“ he said.
„What are you talking about?“, she asked.
„Farmers in Africa and Asia have had their own seed for centuries. This has always been developed and passed on from generation to generation. It was optimally geared to the conditions in the respective countries,“ he explained. „Most of the so-called subsistence work was and is done by women. The seeds were considered as common property. Nobody came up with the idea of ​​keeping it locked up. Meanwhile, the global trade in seeds is dominated by five large companies. This is possible because the trade agreements quietly include the passage that only seed produced from appropriate production may be used. Thus, the small farmers, or rather primarily farmers, are forced to buy their seed from, for example, Monsanto, which is genetically engineered and hybrid. This means that it cannot be used the next year as they were used to. To be on the safe side, the pesticides that are necessary for this seed to be used at the same time are included. Monsanto forces them to buy from them. This is supported by politics.“
„And if that’s not enough, we’ll ship our overproduction of meat to the African market,“ she added. „This meat is so subsidized that it kills regional producers because they can never keep those prices. And afterwards it is rumored that this is just the displacement mechanism in a free market. The only thing that is at liberty is the possibility to take a hard line with these countries, because they cannot even prevent these imports, because otherwise the World Bank will cancel them the credits. A kind of economic imperialism that could not be more perfidious.“
„Expropriation, economic gagging, oppression, these are the means used by rich industrial nations to make them richer at the expense of others, and there are only a few,“ he said.
„And if we now commit ourselves to liberate the animals from exploitation, then we are committed to getting people out of exploitation,“ she summarized, „so that we can find a way into a world in which the economy is back for the human being, for all living beings. How nice would that be.“ Martinique snuggled even closer to Christian and dreamed of a world without exploitation and enslavement, a world of togetherness and connectedness.


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