Life is too short for boring stories

Actually. But the very fact of sufficiency inevitably leads to an improper. He gently took her arms from his shoulders and sat up. Bright as the spring and the moon in the winter, her eyes were as enchanting as her smile. As if life had never played badly with her. If he lost himself in that, maybe he could believe it could be. Or beguiling like a siren, which brings the men to ruin. Wizard or witch, elf or serpent, prosper or ruin, shot it through his head. It was not easy to escape, the charm and femininity. No, it was something else. Exuberant, unconditional zest for life. Maybe you could actually call it love. This unspoken promise to embrace all that surrounds her with vitality and passion. But he pulled himself together. He swallowed hard. His mouth felt dry, like his lips. It had come a little unexpected. And suddenly he became fully aware of his responsibility. Was it folly or cunning? She looked as if she could not cloud a little water. Of course, that could be deceiving, but he was sure that there was only one person to protect her from, ultimately, to himself.

“You really dare to do such things,” Christian said, shaking his head because he still was not sure how to interpret her behavior.
“You mean, as I enter the lion’s den like a small, naive sheep, or like the maiden in the claws of the dragon?” Martinique replied, not letting her smile, in which he suspected a little forbearance. At least he imagined.
“If you want to put it that way,” he explained, looking at her in amusement, “the lady probably has a slight tendency to drama.”
“If you want to call it that,” she said with a shrug.
“Well, that’s probably a typical female move, and I like girls who show typical feminine traits.”
“Could that be that you’re a bit sexist?” she asked.
“Not at all,” he explained, “I do not know what to be sexist about. I can only say that there are certain things that women are more inclined to do than men. That’s all. Moreover, I find it very pleasing when women are in favor of their femininity, because otherwise there would be no difference that makes it possible for women and men to complement each other. “
“At best,” she added.
“Even in the second or third best case,” he added with a wink, “But it’s still a bit foolhardy of you to let yourself be so deported.” And she felt the worry from his words, “Especially since you do not even know me. And I do not know if I’m taking advantage of the situation. “
“No, I do not know. And I never know. Not now and not in many years. Not now, since I do not know you and not in many years, if I may know you, assuming you give me the chance to know you,” she said in agreement, still transforming his statement, “knowledge in the sense of predictability and hedging, but there is a knowledge that is beyond that, a certainty that speaks to me because you are you, more or less as trusting in what you trust yourself to be. But what if we did not have the trust? I could never get to know you unless I had some confidence in you, as you did with me, by the way.” Only then did he realize that she too could have ulterior motives.
“How many times has someone been slandered,” she anticipated his thoughts, “no one can know what you’ve done to me. I could say what I want. All you saw was that you took me with you. Maybe stunned. “
“That can be natural,” he admitted candidly. “And yet, I cannot imagine it.”
“You see, but you cannot know it either,” she added without losing her smile.

No, she was not wrong. He might like to return to the rough side, but there was much behind it that was worth discovering. Just like the way to kiss her. Suddenly, she pulled him close and made her lips merge with his, again, and it felt like more, more than a few minutes earlier. It is good to approach each other.


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